Opening The Door Of Success In Readiness With Professionalism

Amidst the lack of opportunities, lies idle opportunities waiting to be tapped from, but the opportunists are often missing in the field or not ready with the potentials of professionalism. There are factors that makes one a professional person, and walking on the route of success with intention of receiving a hand-up from professionals without... Continue Reading →

What Kind Of Flowers Do You Plant In Your Garden?

Garden; As an outdoor area containing one or more types of plants, usually plants grown for food or ornamental purposes. According to dictionary meaning of garden, which means one can own a garden and decide what kind of plant, to plant in one's garden. Let us presume these gardens as our whole being as individuals,... Continue Reading →

Working Your Way Up Without Aid

As the saying goes, "much is expected of him whom much is given, and much more is expected of him whom much more is given". Haven said so, you'd realise there's high level of expectations from any benefactor to a beneficiary, especially in a situation where an achieved success is involved. Some people invest in... Continue Reading →

Invasion Of Africa PHASE TWO

With no intent for racism or discrimination against skin/ or region, country or continent of  anybody. It is with great concern, for my Continent that I'm writing to sensitize everyone on importance of open dialogue or communication, especially in a heterogeneous society using a language everyone can understand, irrespective of one's great love for one's... Continue Reading →

Positive Utilisation Of Characteristics Of Virgo

Today is my Birthday. My favourite colours are; Black: It represents Attitude; Boldness, Toughness, and Outspokenness Green: It represents Production/ or Reproduction; Birth/ or Rebirth, Flourishing, and Outstanding White is my 'Star' Colour: Virgo; Virgin, Purity, Endurance, Humility, Loving, Caring, Understanding, Knowledgeable, Wisdom, and Consistency. I'm an outstanding Virgo. A very powerful one. As I... Continue Reading →

Determination The Key To Greatness

Success is a matter of proper planning, coupled with a high level of determination. Regardless of the delay played by circumstances in execution of our plans, probably because of lack of resources (finance or opportunities). Circumstances of life most times can leave one in doubt of one's abilities. Irrespective of the lack of finance or... Continue Reading →

My Birthday And Table Mountain

Morning Fellaz, hope you guys are good today. Awwww Cape Town weather this morning is mortuary standard, lol. Looking at 'Table Mountain', you wouldn't need to ask about how the atmosphere feels. I feel like I'm inside a deep freezer because I live a stone throw to the 'Table Mountain'. Table Mountain is one of... Continue Reading →

Riot Vs Peaceful Demonstration

The purpose of demonstration as a public display of group or societal opinion, is often misconceived by some group of unguided and miscreant youths in every society. Which resorts to rioting and vandalization of government and public properties in some cases, and most times to looting. When the purpose of any mission is misconceived, disorderly... Continue Reading →

Child Support Grant Dependency

Talking about 'child support grant dependency', in South Africa. For one who doesn't understand what 'child support grant' means, I'll educate you on it, before going down to the topic.  Child support grant is a fund or money given to parents who are not financially capable enough to take care of their children, by the... Continue Reading →

Personality Trait

Personality depicts characteristics of a person seen as a whole, thus personality traits are those identifying characteristics, habits or trend of a particular individual that differentiates that individual from others. Some people often use the same characteristics to identify every individual from a particular region, country or race, which is absolutely wrong. Even identical twins... Continue Reading →

Land Expropriation Without Compensation?

Haven fought and defeated apartheid in South Africa, is land expropriation a way of revenge? Can't it be settled properly? Regardless of the pains and injuries of the past, "never let a labourer, labour in vain". It doesn't only bring curse in the land, it Mars the future! We are talking about land here, given... Continue Reading →

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