Building Your Life Simultaneously With Your Relationship Or Marriage So As To Curtail Your Level Of Dependency Should Your Joint Venture Fails

In the cause of building relationships or marriages, some have failed to realise the need in building their lives and that's because the relationships/marriages seems perfect and easy going from the onset, but regardless of how perfect it seems ab-initio, some relationships/marriages collapses in the latter.  Being caught in the Web of not building a... Continue Reading →

Working Your Way Up Without Aid

As the saying goes, "much is expected of him whom much is given, and much more is expected of him whom much more is given". Haven said so, you'd realise there's high level of expectations from any benefactor to a beneficiary, especially in a situation where an achieved success is involved. Some people invest in... Continue Reading →

Invasion Of Africa PHASE TWO

With no intent for racism or discrimination against skin/ or region, country or continent of  anybody. It is with great concern, for my Continent that I'm writing to sensitize everyone on importance of open dialogue or communication, especially in a heterogeneous society using a language everyone can understand, irrespective of one's great love for one's... Continue Reading →

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