A Spiritual Surgery – Performed By The Universe

Nzube Okafor_www.nzubestruth.com Having returned from my spiritual surgery, which was performed by no other Surgeon, but The Universe Itself Recounting how many friends I lost throughout the process, including relatives, who couldn't condone my new found Belief System and thus, became highly judgemental of me and my belief as they deemed me unfitted to be... Continue Reading →

Members Of Discipleship Training School (DTS) Of United States Of America Encouraging And Praying For The Sick In Cape Town South Africa

 Youth with a mission (YWAM) as gathered by Nzubestruth.com are community of believers who love Jesus and want to spread the joy of Jesus. These youths are made up of young girls that came all the way from USA to South Africa, to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and pray for the sick as... Continue Reading →


Some people often presume 'Roman Catholic Church',  to be an occult society, because of their said worship to the 'statue' of 'Virgin Mary'. I'm not a Roman Catholic, but anything Roman Catholic appeases me, especially the Holy Mass in Latina with the combination of the Apostle's Creed and Our Lord's prayer(Two most powerful Heavenly Prayers).... Continue Reading →

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