The Purpose Of Life Is Touching Other Lives Positively

As many of us spend time in building our pastors and making them billionaires, seeing it as a prerequisite for entering into the Kingdom of God, there are still people who understands the essence of giving to the poor and less privileged and touching their  lives positively, knowing fully well that, that is the most... Continue Reading →

Child Support Grant Dependency

Talking about 'child support grant dependency', in South Africa. For one who doesn't understand what 'child support grant' means, I'll educate you on it, before going down to the topic.  Child support grant is a fund or money given to parents who are not financially capable enough to take care of their children, by the... Continue Reading →

Developing AFRICA — Modern Way COLONIALISM

After going through the comments on the Facebook post of Christian Lindner, the Berlin FDP leader. On his suggestion that Germany should buy a rainforest in South America and Asia to protect the climate, “We spend about 28 billion for the promotion of renewable energy in this country which brings nothing to the climate”, he... Continue Reading →

Immigration Crisis In South Africa?

Africa! My home, my pride, the evergreen continent filled with food and mineral resources. The home of Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, home of Julius Nyerere, Kwame Nkuruma, Paul Kagame, Wangari Maathai and Chinua Achebe. Africa! My love for you is inestimable. But what is Africa, without South Africa? The mother of Africa, not just because... Continue Reading →

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