Building Your Life Simultaneously With Your Relationship Or Marriage So As To Curtail Your Level Of Dependency Should Your Joint Venture Fails

In the cause of building relationships or marriages, some have failed to realise the need in building their lives and that's because the relationships/marriages seems perfect and easy going from the onset, but regardless of how perfect it seems ab-initio, some relationships/marriages collapses in the latter.  Being caught in the Web of not building a... Continue Reading →

Opening The Door Of Success In Readiness With Professionalism

Amidst the lack of opportunities, lies idle opportunities waiting to be tapped from, but the opportunists are often missing in the field or not ready with the potentials of professionalism. There are factors that makes one a professional person, and walking on the route of success with intention of receiving a hand-up from professionals without... Continue Reading →

Riot Vs Peaceful Demonstration

The purpose of demonstration as a public display of group or societal opinion, is often misconceived by some group of unguided and miscreant youths in every society. Which resorts to rioting and vandalization of government and public properties in some cases, and most times to looting. When the purpose of any mission is misconceived, disorderly... Continue Reading →

Personality Trait

Personality depicts characteristics of a person seen as a whole, thus personality traits are those identifying characteristics, habits or trend of a particular individual that differentiates that individual from others. Some people often use the same characteristics to identify every individual from a particular region, country or race, which is absolutely wrong. Even identical twins... Continue Reading →

Societal Abuse Of Marriage

Marriage is far beyond getting married and making children, there's something called 'building a home', so for those that are ready to settle down, if you know you ain't ready to build a home then do yourself a little good and don't rush in because you ain't ripe for marriage. Building a home is more... Continue Reading →

Human Investment

When you make it to the next level, look out for those on a level you once were.” “Paying it forward” is a profound, a powerful practice. 'Human Investment', is one phenomenon most people don't understand. As iron sharpens iron, so do humans should help their fellow humans in achieving their dreams. Nobody climbs a... Continue Reading →

AFRICA — Who Did This To Us?

I don't know who did this to us. We as 'Africans', have the mindset of believing 'we don't carry one another along', and the rich is always getting richer as poor is getting poorer. And I, Nzube Okafor, took it upon myself to correct some misconceptions in this continent (Africa), regards our inability to carry... Continue Reading →

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