The Ghetto Around One Does Not Define Who One Is But The Ghetto Within One Does

Ghetto Environment    The thought of Ghetto often arouses the imagination of an isolated and segregated area with tough and rugged inhabitants, ‘bunch of misguided people likely to be indulging in crimes and many evil vices that harm other people’, as often misinterpreted by some people regard the meaning of Ghetto and the inhabitants of... Continue Reading →

Building A Castle Large Enough To Contain Everybody So As To Destigmatize Myths About Racism Xenophobia And Other Social Beliefs That Plunders The Growth Of The Society

Castle;  As large building that is fortified and contains many defences. In previous ages often inhabited by a nobleman or king. The magnitude of castles can never be overemphasised, because of the dignitaries that dwells in them. But if this (Noun) Castle, is beyond that which we regard as place of residence which could be... Continue Reading →

Dividing Line Between Failure And Success Is A Very Thin But Strong One That Requires Only Perseverance To Be Cut

Dividing Line; As a line often invisible that marks a boundary between two areas, or an imaginary line that marks or differentiates between different things, ideal. Eg. The dividing lines between Non-governmental organizations, or political parties. While pertaining to our living as humans and quest to succeed in life, can be viewed as the barrier... Continue Reading →

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