A Dilapidated Society Against Itself – Can Never Thrive Amidst The Developed Ones

In A Dilapidated Society Where Materialism Is Still Highly Placed Above Human Values, Those With Mental Know-How, To Rescue It From Dilapidation, Are Often Discouraged By Human Negligence Towards Mental Value

It is quite saddening that oftentimes, we are more concerned about the happenings in other (developed) environments, whilst living in ignorance of our immediate dilapidated environment, this is not because we are not interested in our environment, but most times it is triggered by having nothing exciting to look forward to in an environment that has been grossly plundered by hardship, amid wealth, tribal traits and politics of looting and violence.

Which are caused by visionless leadership; Leadership that takes advantage of the political unawareness of the masses, thereby manipulating them into believing that good leadership is some kind of spiritual virtue attained by a few and thus, keep praying and hoping for a miracle of good leadership that would bring about change and conducive environment, other than holding the leaders accountable for dividends of democracy, which is their absolute citizenry rights.

To the vantage of the leaders who had over the years plunged the society into an overwhelming hardship, knowing vividly that the people have become dependent on financial aids, gifts and leftovers, to entrust one into power, to their detriment in the latter. Unfortunately, those with the Mental Know-How, who is embedded with the knowledge of modern politics and ideologies on how to move a society forward, to the path of progress and advancements are being neglected due to lack of material acquisition.

Whereas the ones entrusted into power because of their wilful disposition of money during campaigns, turn around to loot the economy down upon saddling in the seat of power, to recover the money they spent and as well clear their accumulated debts, which are mostly from their godfathers and financial institutions, by so doing they inflict untold hardship in the society and drag the country into debts, which their successors would spend years trying to pay off, possibly through borrowing from their international counterparts, which eventually runs the system down because of the difference in the exchange rate.

This is not about throwing tantrums or writing an accusatory post, but rather, born out of the desire to proffer a way forward out of the ugly menace the society is being dragged into quadrennially.

It is within a conviction that if hardship is not the order of the day in a dilapidated society, the masses would always be cautious enough not to entrust into power leaders who have no good interest of them at heart, but rather seeking public offices to continually perpetuate themselves in power for their selfish interest and betterment of their immediate families, by securing a planned future for their children in advanced countries, while those who entrusted them in power languish in abject poverty and lack of dividends of democracy.

Irrespective of the oath of office they always swore and still swear, upon taking over the mantle of leadership from their predecessors, which never linger to their conscience when they start perpetuating their evil vices, demonstrates that the societal ill is not spiritually inflicted, but physically manipulated and wherein the masses perceive it from a spiritual dimension and hoping on a miracle, they would never input the amount of energy required for the physical change.

Foremostly is doing away with religious differences which in itself is inherently problematic, rising above tribal sentiments and becoming a society first, before the respective tribe and religion because these two are the cankerworms that eat deep into the soul and bring about hatred, division and lack of mutual understanding amongst the people, which also are the very weapons the leaders arm themselves with while exhibiting their mischievous atrocities because they know that “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand”, but “Unity Is Strength”.

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