My Thoughts Upon Recovery From Nigerian Presidential Post Election Stress

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Are we cursed, or we are the cause of our problems regards bad governance and leadership in Nigeria?

Nigerian system of politics is that which still maintains the ‘old school’ practice of reshuffling Her past leaders, as no credible newly emerged opposition is deemed fitted every four (4) years to challenge the status quo of reshuffling past leaders.

Perhaps, only the old and past unenlightened leaders, that keep perpetuating themselves in power over the years, understands the hopelessness of hoping on any credible newly emerged opposition to challenge the status quo, in a country they had deteriorated woefully and made poverty the order of the day, due to their excessive looting, nepotism and godfatherism

No opposition that had not saddled in the seat of power in the past, would have so much money to disburse as to buy the peoples vote, because people had developed the mindset of selling their vote to any party that can afford to pay, order than casting it rightly for the eligible candidate, as they believe their vote doesn’t count in choosing their leaders

Absolutely, they are not wrong!

But, 2019 presidential election was a bit different from the usual, because the power tussle was not only between two strong rival parties which shelters the incumbent president in the person of Mohammadu Buhari (APC) and ex vice president of the federation in the person of Atiku Abubakar (PDP). Atiku Abubakar happened to be the people’s choice, as he was the only opposition considered fit to challenge Buharis tyrannical administration and seize power from him.

Atiku as a business tycoon has so much at his disposal if only the Nigerian presidential seat was that which money could buy when a dictator is seated in power.

On the other hand was Prof. Kingsley Moghalu (YPP), the ex deputy central bank governor of Nigeria and also a member of the United Nation Organization, who actually was the one that brought the attention of the International Communities to the Nigerian Presidential election which made the 2019 presidential election in Nigeria different from others in the past year.

As they (the international communities) had a high hope that Nigerians could have made the right choice of instilling youthful and exposed leader into power to  transform the nation to the standard of Her international counterparts, but, little did they know that Nigeria is not a society that would give up accepting money from a physically rich candidate over a candidate that is only rich in his brain.

Probably, they believed Prof. Moghalu had nothing in his pocket to offer except that which he possesses in his brain which unfortunately wasn’t what they needed at the moment for their daily upkeep, rather they went after Atikus pocket with the hope he was eligible enough to challenge Buhari

But, Buhari understood the hopelessness to hope on the international communities should he rig the election against Atiku whom his level of corruption is not unaware to international communities

So, could they have sent their delegates to monitor the election to avoid it been rig against someone that is as bad as the incumbent?

This is where Nigerians failed to carry out a proper political analysis, they voted for the wrong person with the intent he will seize power from another wrong person, but he failed woefully because of rigging on the part of the incumbent, who stopped at nothing in exercising his power of incumbency to see that he retained power at all costs.

Knowing fully well the prosecution that would await him should the major opposition party (PDP) take over power, he manipulated the INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) officials, in calling the election results to his favor.

To the devastation of almost every Nigerian, because Buharis administration has been an evil wind blowing no one any good, but the only opportunity to change it within his second tenure was misused because of political desensitization.

Believing that Prof. Moghalu who has been representing the UN at different crisis in various countries, building broken societies, would come back for good in Nigeria to play local politics was a very wrong perception of Nigerians.

He was never and would never be a career politician, he only wanted to transform his beloved country to the standard of the international nations he has visited over the years, which is something anyone in his capacity would clamor for.

But, unfortunately he came from a society that has less value for intellectual capacities, few days after the results have been announced, he flew back to the United States where a dinner already awaited him in consolation for his loss, by dignitaries that matter in the United Nation

On my own part, haven left my Blog unattended to, since November, on my quest for social media campaign for Prof. Moghalu, to seeing of new face of leadership in my beloved country. A country people are emigrating from, looking for survival in different countries of the world because of economic and social crisis birthed by bad governance and leadership.

Yet, while faced with the opportunity to make a change in Her polity, the people choose to sell out their right for money that cannot feed them over a period of one month and have to live the rest of the years in starvation, unemployment, lack of infrastructure, qualitative education and conducive health sector

My efforts were not only futile, but also subjected me to emotional stress which I don’t know if I have fully recovered from, as a matter of the abuses (both verbal and typographical), that was meted out on me by ‘Atikulators’ (those that strongly supported Atiku) thereby seeing us that supported Prof. Moghalu, as trait to their emerging victory

Haven been at the receiving end of the abuse because of my maintenance of one on one communication with people to sensitize them on the need for supporting Prof. Moghalu, I had to sit back after the election with lots of thoughts that I’m still pondering on till today

At this juncture, please I want to apologize to you my readers for haven left my Blog like one who has reached his ‘writers block’, without ‘Merry Christmas Wishes’, ‘New Year’ and my regular ‘Inspirational write-up’s’. Kindly accept my apologies.

I wish you all a very prosperous 2019, though already in 1st quarter of the year, but please still accept the wishes in the spirit is being sent.

Thank you.

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