The Ghetto Around One Does Not Define Who One Is But The Ghetto Within One Does

The thought of Ghetto often arouses the imagination of an isolated and segregated area with tough and rugged inhabitants, ‘bunch of misguided people likely to be indulging in crimes and many evil vices that harm other people’, as often misinterpreted by some people regard the meaning of Ghetto and the inhabitants of Ghetto when referring to people that live in certain areas that seem segregated or abandoned otherwise known and regarded as Ghetto

The bad reputation of Ghetto can be traced back to the earlier misuse of certain areas to which Jews were restricted and concentrated forcefully, else Ghetto is a part of a city in which members of a minority group live, not doubtful as a result of social, legal, or economic pressure.

Versions of Ghetto appear across the world, each with their own names, classifications, and groupings of people. Considering the ill-disposition of Ghetto, some hide under certain areas to commit crimes and atrocities.
Whilst atrocious people use those areas known as Ghetto as their hideout to maim, rob and destroy innocent lives, thereby causing harm and ruin to the reputation of the innocent ones that live in those places as a result of economic pressure, as people tend to categorize them as been part of those involve in crime and Ghetto kind of lifestyle, because they share the same environment.

Notwithstanding personality traits which absolutely separates peoples mindset and behaviour, making them stand out peculiarly irrespective of sharing the same environment and thus can never behave the same way as those involved in crimes and using Ghetto areas as hideout.

Since Ghetto has been given another meaning that make them look like ‘no go’ areas that should be avoided completely, it will be extremely crucial to bring to the knowledge of those inhabiting in places like Ghettos as regards economic pressure, that the area ‘Ghetto’ around them, doesn’t define who they are, but rather the Ghetto that exist in them does.

Ghetto Around One: Ghetto as an unkempt and isolated area, perhaps because of its filthiness and unattractive buildings that are made up of mostly shacks devoid of proper fencing or security, and highly exposed to danger, as most of them doesn’t have enclosures, making such areas prone to attacks or certainties as fire disaster because of mostly unprofessional electrical connections, which causes fire outburst most times in such areas.

But, regardless of the aforementioned expression of Ghetto, for one who is facing a hard time with extreme economic pressure and still have to raise kids with little income, starting up in places like Ghetto is often the easier way out for such person/s, because Ghetto is as good as free and one can only worry about feeding, as rent will no longer be a barrier to happiness.

Although at the thought of been undermined by people regarding one’s place of in-habitation, certain persons are often demoralized by their place or area of habitation as they might tend not to be proud of the Ghetto where they live, but understanding that a place of dwelling is just an accommodation and has nothing to do with one’s behavior or one’s destiny, career and future, should keep one far away from undermining oneself or losing hope in oneself, as a dwelling place can never define one.

The surrounding Ghetto Is An Environment, But The Ghetto Within One Is Character.

Ghetto Within One: While some people who live in Ghetto as regards choice or economic pressure and still live crime free life, there are those that allow the Ghetto environment to pass through them, thereby changing who they are into becoming something else as a result of the environment where one gets to associate with assorted people hence copy or develop Ghetto alike characters, from those living in Ghetto for the wrong purpose.

At this juncture the surrounding Ghetto, tends not to only exist around one but now lives within/inside one, which becomes the Ghetto lifestyle one have picked upped or the ill-characters one is beginning to portray as a result of letting the Ghetto environment pass through one.

The definition of oneself according to one’s environment now comes into play, as people no longer see one, but rather seeing through what one have become which is the Ghetto and one of the reasons Ghetto is being defined wrongly because it’s not only been seen as environment, but an attitude as some people who dwell in such places had given a wrong interpretation of it, because of their lifestyle.

Yet, some were born and raised in Ghettos and today they are leaders and celebrities. Do not let yourself to be defined by your environment, let your character define you.

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