Whilst African Migrants Are Living In Penury In South Africa Julius Malema The EFF Leader  Is Calling For African Unity

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A man whose house is on fire shouldn’t be running around in pursuit of the rat. Julius Malema might have meant well for Africa to have raised the issue of African unity, and one African currency, the importance of unity in Africa can never be overemphasized no matter what measure one uses to weigh it because it’s a necessity as it can go a long way in stabilizing the African economy.

But that of a single African currency is a double-edged sword regards the differences in economy of various countries of which implemented is bound to harm the African economy at large because many regions are economically unstable.

Julius Malemas intention if not a political propaganda is an important but less important one, at this point in time that the Africa he’s talking about has its citizen living in anguish and penury, in the said Mother Nation. So, he’s calling for the right thing at the wrong time.

If Malema cares so much about the well-being and unity of Africans, and not romancing them as a political propaganda to be supported by Africans in his quest for power, he should bring into discussion the issues that violate the well-being of Africans dwelling in South Africa both legally and illegally for different valid reasons such as running for their lives from civil wars, poverty in their countries of origin etc.

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Haven faced with the immigration challenges in South Africa coupled with Xenophobic attacks, some children are fast becoming stateless as they are not registered in any country because some parents often lose their lives under xenophobic attacks haven’t registered their children both at home and in the South African system.

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The myths such as foreign nationals taking the jobs meant for South Africans and living largely in the country are beliefs that mostly contribute to the attacks on foreigners, from the photos one do not need to be convinced of the fact that these foreigners are struggling for living and as well providing their own jobs and creating businesses in the townships where they often undergo xenophobic attack.

Such issues should be brought to the desk as they extremely infringe on the well-being of foreigners and constantly leading to panic and fear of the unknown and for someone who tends to care so much like Julius Malema, but still make speeches void of such topics, makes his intention in-genuine alike.

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