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Menial jobs as seem awkward to some people who deem them unskilled work that belong to servants and absolutely will not concede to accept such jobs as they are considered clumsy. But to ambitious people who have no other means of chasing after their goals in life, menial jobs are perfect start up for those.

Notwithstanding how fancy people had become, many celebrities still narrate their stories of “grass to grace”, some people tend to copy their stylish lifestyle but wouldn’t dare try to copy where they started from because they are only interested in the success story, which is reason some have become fake in their quest to live a celebrity kind of lifestyle, but with no sustainable means of income.

Some would even go as far as borrowing friend’s clothes and cars just to pose around in edifying manner and upload hundreds of photos and videos daily on social media as celebrities, whereas the celebrities they tend to be copying are often exhausting their strength out on set, and mostly upload their on-set photos and video clips which they earn money from and apparently the costumes and accessories belongs to the set production.

Even though they own the costumes and accessories, why would someone who is not equal to that standard try to copy them, as far as borrowing?

When one hears the stories of most celebrities and their starting point, one would understand that success is not accidental, it is planned and worked out.

* STARTING FROM A MENIAL JOB: For an ambitious person that has the dream of becoming a musician, because musicians are ones easily copied by people and ironically they are mostly the ones that start with menial jobs. Why? Because they have to save up for the studio as it takes some few good tracks to convince a sponsor and not doubtfully it is at one’s expense.

Imagine if one is not from a family that supports one’s career or do not have the financial support for the career? Never undermine the hustlers you see on the streets, and those partaking in several menial jobs because most are great Personalities and Celebrities in the making and their hustling is part of their success story in the latter.

They left the ego and abandoned their shame because they know what they want. They know the glory that awaits them. So why don’t you start like them? Why are you ashamed to start like them but tend to live like them?

* SAVING FROM A MENIAL JOB: Having a clear definition of goal keeps the mind away from wandering because a goal well-defined is a success half-achieved. Anything that comes from the menial Job belongs to the goal except one doesn’t have a goal, then, the energy exhausted in the menial job becomes a waste, as one may live a lifetime dwelling on menial jobs.

But having a purpose of starting with such job means one’s goal is highly articulated and thus focused on attaining such heights and saving up for it.

There are hustlers that spend everything they earn weekly in the studio, working on one track or the other when you see them hustling you might undermine them because they might appear not to be fancifully dressed regards the nature of the job, but when you realize the price they are paying for their goal, you might as well sell your own clothes in order to pursue a goal.

Menial jobs are better than idleness and unemployment rates are fast increasing, one can still start from somewhere and be independent in order to pursue one’s own goal.

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