What Is The Way Forward For This Young Scholars After Matric With The Present Increment In Varsity Fees?

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South African educational sector is that which is fast leaving the young ones on the street, not only because of school fees increment but lack of employment after graduation, other parts of Africa is not left out in this ugly menace.

Coupled with a high school fees in the Universities, of which not every parents have access to obtain educational support, otherwise known as bursary, for their children and regardless of these bursaries students still graduate to battle the unemployment crisis in the country.

Some have resorted to accepting menial jobs that are below the standard of their academic field of study and even their certificate grades, just to avert idleness and to be able to meet up with everyday life, of which the payments from those menial jobs can hardly take care of the individual.

These are citizens that have leaders whose families are abroad based and know nothing about the African unemployment rate and worse still it’s fast increasing, and also nothing is done to curtail it perhaps to eradicate unemployment entirely as it poses trait to society.

There’ll soon be a time when the streets will be unsafe for both the politicians, their families, and the citizens at large as gangster-ism is already at an alarming rate.

The banking sectors and other governmental organizations both that of individuals, ought to create a platform where these students can be taking in for training or sort of employment after Matric.

So as not to leave them wandering about should University enrollment proves abortive as a result of not been able to obtain bursary or educational fund, because with the current schools fees increment in no doubt only few students can further their academic pursuits after Matric which will be quite saddening.

Every child has a right to qualitative and quantitative education, even as far as free education for the government that can afford it, it is part of child’s right. No child should be denied the right to education because of fees, as it can mar the child’s future and curtail the child’s dream and ambition.

Denying a child a sound education is tantamount to deny the child a future.

Encouraging and supporting the educational sectors should be part and major objective of any working government because ‘today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders’.

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