Building Lives Regardless Of A Few That Might Tend To Turn Their Back On Your Potential Underminingly

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In the journey of life ‘building the society’ is part of the belief system that brings one in direct contact with one’s destiny, because that is what one is called to do. Talking about ‘building the society’, as that point in one’s life when one realises the need in healing the world and making it a better place.

Though only a few understand what it means to heal the world and only but a few put it in practice, if that few that understand it and put it in practice do exist, try not to be missing among them because that is a way of building humans and the society and also being humanly.

But when it comes to building lives regards bringing out the best in others, is that which one cannot do without direct interaction with people because one needs to hear the mindset of others and see how to correct their perception about life, that is building lives.

There are certain heights one might attain in life regards success, greatness or gift of deep insight about life, these are things that are not accidental with Nature and God. They don’t just happen, they happen because of the purpose of building a better society and bringing out the best in others.

The best way to build a society is direct interaction with people

When you interact with others you can be able to hear their opinion regards issues that affects the society and their opinion might be the one which violate the well-being of others, although they are entitled to their own opinion, but you can as well tell them your own opinion, should theirs be one which might be harmful to others,

Once yours is building the society order than destroying it, by doing so you are not only building the society but as well correcting the mindset of others which might harm the society in the latter

If one tends to be part of those that are building the society and can’t afford platforms like Non-governmental organizations (NGO’S) in order to touch other lives, or can’t afford charity or donations to the orphanage or contributing financially to the well-being of others, as long as you have what it takes in your mindset to bring others to success and greatness in life, do it. That is part of building lives.

Although your opinion might seem predisposed by some people and likely to prove fruitless, but to others it might go a long way in correcting their mindset.

Whenever you find yourself addressing societal issues, in writing or vocally, always bear in mind that your opinion might seem offensive to some people, absolutely because they doubt the quality of thinking that guards such opinion and apparently the personality behind the opinion might be one which they undermine and thus can’t accept opinion that comes from them. That is, undermining your potential.

But considering the large number which the society consist of and how many lives such opinion can effect positively and bring to proper realization of things, then the few that disagree with such opinion should be ignored, as long as the opinion does not infringe on the well-being of anyone but rather to bring out the best in them, then it’s worth it.

The things you know within you and deep down represents the truth, they as well compel your conscience to effect them on others, could be Nature or God talking to you. Don’t be demoralised by the few that are prone to doubt them, but be encouraged by the many that will accept and cultivate them into their lives for a better society and their well-being with that of others.

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