Building A Castle Large Enough To Contain Everybody So As To Destigmatize Myths About Racism Xenophobia And Other Social Beliefs That Plunders The Growth Of The Society

Cape Town_Grande parade -
Castle;  As large building that is fortified and contains many defences. In previous ages often inhabited by a nobleman or king. The magnitude of castles can never be overemphasised, because of the dignitaries that dwells in them.

But if this (Noun) Castle, is beyond that which we regard as place of residence which could be seen physically as a building or place of inhabitation and becomes that which exists within us as humans and thus, a space in our heart that accommodates other humans or behaviour that accept or reject others, that is, our individual attitude towards the society

How we treat and regard others in consideration of their background which differs from ours and absolutely determines how we jocos, relate or interact with them in a given territory or region.

Xenophobia; Is one which tends to destroy not only emotionally but physically as well, as it kills and maims innocent ones dwelling in another land in the quest of seeking greener pastures or trying to keep safe from civil war and end up running into death itself

Racism; Is that which destroys emotionally as it keeps some away from having sense of belonging in the society and thus affects their emotional well-being

All these are humans inhumanity to human which is not birthed but willed by humans just to inflict wound on others and bring them to a state of destruction and trauma just to appear superior over them

Which can be avoided when humans understand the very essence of humanity and being humans first, by accepting other humans so as to enhance peaceful coexistence in the society and collectively move the society forward.

Some dwell in the belief of already existing societal menace of xenophobic attacks and racism, and curtail their dream of going far in life into advancement or travelling for a better future, experience, studies or to avoid civil war or economic threat and thus living in danger whereas there are safer places somewhere, but made unstable for peaceful coexistence of others who doesn’t belong there, by those who dwells there and thus their place of habitation

Making other humans feel inhuman can only cause harm to one’s conscience

But opening a door of accepting for peaceful coexistence in the society can only heal an already broken society and move it forward for advancement in different regions which will also see to economic stabilization and a friendly world. 

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