Pioneer Members Of The Negro Black Movement of Africa Aka African Youth Empowerment Meet To Discuss The Well-being  Of The Organisation And How To Use It To Effect Change In The Society

NBM pioneer members -
L-R: Perry Osaro Osagiede, Nzube Okafor, Frank Patrick and other invisible members that willed their support regards the positive move of change, the meeting which was held in Parklands, Cape Town, South Africa. On Saturday the 3rd November 2018,

Expressed the innermost desire of men of goodwill that have been utilising the motive of  the organisation judiciously, but wishes to sensitize other members on the need of embracing change and channeling the organisation to the path of positivity and more publicly as to contain citizens of other African countries and as well reform it’s constitution or any part of it thereof that violates the wellbeing of other individuals that are not members of the organisation

Nzube Okafor who over the years dissociated himself from the organisation as he made it clear that some members misconceives the purpose of the organisation, in inflicting injuries to the society and he cannot be part of any movement that is destroying the society order than building it, although those social vices are been condoned mostly in campuses but men who sit in NBM places of leadership have the right to reformation.

To read more of what prompted Nzube Okafor to have withdrawn himself from the organisation in the past year; Click here

Perry Osaro Osagiede who is not just a pioneer but have handled many NBM offices positively, saw more than a need in building the society as he deemed it a necessity and a must do as NBM is a very vital tool in bringing the African youths together as the organisation consists of millions of youths and men of dignitaries that varies from Barristers, Magistrates, Politicians, Doctors, Successful business men, Lecturers and Celebrities with hosts of scholars in various academic background

Frank Patrick concluded that if all these dignitaries and youthful energies, youths millions in number are channeled to a postive dimension in Africa, it will not only yield countless result of positivity but as well will see to face of new Africa were the African youths are united.

NBM that appears to be an underground organisation is not an evil one, but some evil people are hiding under the umbrella of NBM in exhibiting their evil act to the society.

It is within our conviction that the  organisation can be used as a platform in bringing the African youths together and fighting for a common goal which is terminating every external influence that infringes on the well-being of the African citizens and as well sensitize other members on the prior motive behind the foundation of the said organisation,

which is fighting for true freedom in Africa, creating societal equality and as well serve as a means to checkmate our politicians and seeing to true and progressive leadership in Africa that can channel the African continent to the path of development and advancement.


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