Having A Clear Picture Of What One Wants Keeps One Focused From Not Changing Colours Like Chameleon

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Chameleon as one of the best known lizard families able to change color at any time according to the colour of the images it passes by, which makes it look more of a confused animal but then only when it feels endangered, but any person with inconstancy of behaviour is as good as Chameleon, when it has to do with behaviour is not as bad as when it has to do with what one wants in life.

With inconstancy of behaviour, one might be able to adjust to new circumstances without finding them difficult. But, with inconstancy of the picture of what one wants in life, one is nothing but a confused person. One cannot feature in a future one never pictured or have a clear view of it

Picture as a representation of anything physical by drawing or painting, can also serve as an image representation in one’s imagination, meaning that in one’s imagination, one has the ability of creating or carving a mental image of what one wants and be able to acquire or develop it physically

Considering some challenges that are bond to demoralise one from being focused in carving or creating a mental image, challenges like the flashes of other images that comes across one’s mind and are likely to leave one in a state of dilemma of not being able to choose between the images one would work on and that’s because one is yet to have a clear picture of what one wants

E.g. One who is at the imagination of designing a vehicle from the mindset but doesn’t know what kind of vehicle one can design, is likely to be confused with the images of other vehicles that flashes through the mind.

But haven developed a clear image of the kind of vehicle one wants to design from, as weather an SUV, a Saloon or Lorry, is what helps one to focus on one image because one has the clarity of it

Talking about this picture in reality; Is like one who tends to set forth into a journey but doesn’t know what direction or route to follow, one might end up going round and round until exhausted because the route was never defined

Most times people stop where they are not supposed to stop in life and that’s because they don’t see the route further, they stop where the picture stops or rather swing over to another direction which is like acquiring another picture different from the prior one because the prior one was not clearly defined

But defining or having a clear picture of what one wants, regardless of other pictures that comes along can never leave one in a state of dilemma or confusion because one already have a defined picture of what one wants and can never swing directions

E.g. Having  $100.000 to buy a car but doesn’t have any kind of car in mind and expecting to make the choice while at the car outlet, believe me even the car dealer will be confused because one went without a choice

Having a choice of something means having a clear picture of that thing

Before one makes a choice of what one wants, one must be certain of it so as not to get cofused when other factors of consideration sets in and are bond to affect one’s choice.

Don’t have a choice of something you are not sure of because it’s like an undefined image and you might not like it when you have it

Before you want something, compare and contrast it’s usefulness and value, with others of the same kind so as to determine the one that can serve you best.

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