Whilst African Migrants Are Living In Penury In South Africa Julius Malema The EFF Leader  Is Calling For African Unity

A man whose house is on fire shouldn’t be running around in pursuit of the rat. Julius Malema might have meant well for Africa to have raised the issue of African unity, and one African currency, the importance of unity in Africa can never be overemphasized no matter what measure one uses to weigh it... Continue Reading →

Building A Castle Large Enough To Contain Everybody So As To Destigmatize Myths About Racism Xenophobia And Other Social Beliefs That Plunders The Growth Of The Society

Castle;  As large building that is fortified and contains many defences. In previous ages often inhabited by a nobleman or king. The magnitude of castles can never be overemphasised, because of the dignitaries that dwells in them. But if this (Noun) Castle, is beyond that which we regard as place of residence which could be... Continue Reading →

Pioneer Members Of The Negro Black Movement of Africa Aka African Youth Empowerment Meet To Discuss The Well-being  Of The Organisation And How To Use It To Effect Change In The Society

L-R: Perry Osaro Osagiede, Nzube Okafor, Frank Patrick and other invisible members that willed their support regards the positive move of change, the meeting which was held in Parklands, Cape Town, South Africa. On Saturday the 3rd November 2018, Expressed the innermost desire of men of goodwill that have been utilising the motive of  the... Continue Reading →

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