Patience As Virtue Can Only Be Cultivated When One Masters The Act Of Time Negligence


Patience - Nzubestruth
Time cautiousness is a virtue of its own, but where patience is applicable, time cautiousness becomes void and should be avoided, because patience is irrespective of time and solemnly depends on one’s ability to wait for certain events to occur or promises to be fulfilled

The driving factors that stimulate the occurrence of those events and fulfilment of the promises, solemnly depend on others, mother nature or the will of God

If you desire to be patient but you are time cautious, you can never be patient!

“Whatever that have advantage, have its own disadvantage”, we always say.

Time Cautiousness; As a virtue that encourages one into taking action and can’t keep one waiting in vain when time is running and there are lots to be done

The fear of time is the beginning of professionalism

One who doesn’t respect time has a possibility of limited success in life, but one who tends to respect time but doesn’t have the ability of call to action regards the fulfilment of promise or event to occur, must definitely exercise the virtue of ‘Patience’.

I’ve often heard people ask questions like, how can I be patient?

You can be patient when you understand that time flies like a bird, so high that you just celebrated Christmas, but Christmas is around the corner. That’s how time flies.

But we often over stress ourselves into high blood pressure and depression because of our inability to wait on time as we tend to be time cautious. We might as well bear three (3) things in mind;

* Waiting for a promise to be fulfilled: At this juncture we are at the mercy of others, especially those superior over us and we can’t manipulate them or force them into fulfilling the promise. We can only wait on them

Waiting on others can be daunting most times, it feels like waiting for eternity, but when we have no control over their time, we might as well ignore our own time, except the promise is one which can be overlooked.

* Waiting for an event to occur: Here we don’t have ability of ‘call to action’ and when it has to do with team, family or friends, then we can only play our own role and ignore our time so as not to find ourselves at the state of worrisome

Frustration is one thing that drives in when we wait on others to make up their mind towards an event or been in concord with us, so as to make a particular event happen. But when we have our individual roles to play, me might as well carry on with our own role and tend not to be watching the time for them, otherwise we’ll be in a stressed state.

* Waiting on mother nature: Talking about nature, I mean season. There are things that happen seasonal and while waiting on them and checking the date and time, it can lead to frustration and anxiety which can affect our psychological well-being, as we can never enforce nature but can only wait on nature

While waiting on nature one ought to consider the fact that one’s present age wasn’t one’s age the previous year and yet one can vividly remember some last year’s event as though they happened just yesterday.

Time flies and Nature flies with time

* Waiting on God’s time: God’s time we always say, is the best. But only a few can wait on God’s time because of lack of patience, watching the date and time for God is like pouring water on rock because a hundred year to God is just a day

When one is counting ten (10) years, God is counting one (1) hour and the only thing one can do is to wait except one is not sure of what one is waiting for, from God, else patience is applicable and that patience is one’s ability to ignore the date and time while waiting on God’s time because the both time differs.

Mastering the act of time negligence is only when one must solemnly depend on others as the driving factor, but when one is in charge or part of the driving factor then time negligence could be disastrous and should be avoided.

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