Distinguishing Personality From ‘Professional’ So As Not To Change Who You Are

An individual with a profession is living a double life, the attitude one portrays at his or her professional background (so as to abide by the rules of professionalism) is quite different from the natural attitude one possesses as a person, that is, one’s personality traits, that makes one distinct from others.

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It’s very crucial to understand that the characteristics you developed as an individual so as to meet the demand or requirement of your profession are quite different from the characteristics you were born with.

Let’s take example of a young lady with good sense of humour and always makes her family happy, then later gets employed as a teacher, she develops the characteristics of a professional teacher so as to meet the work demand, but develops it to an extreme that she no longer distinguishes between those her natural characteristics that keeps her family happy, from her professional characteristics at the school, as a teacher that tends to correct every error.

Now at home she becomes Mrs Perfectionist that corrects everyone and believes she knows everything, to the boredom of her family, that they no longer pay her attention as Mrs know all, gradually her husband starts loosing it as he can no longer condone a wife that do not see anything good in whatever he do

Soon and surely they separated, who is to be blamed?

On the contrary, the natural characteristics most times are also been applied at one’s  professional background. Let’s presume the same teacher as someone who is always unserious at school and makes humor of even the most serious issue and such features cannot be condoned by the school authority, which lead to termination of her employment, who is to be blamed?

Personally I’d blame the young lady we couldn’t differentiate between personality and professionalism.

You don’t take personality to work, you can only take part of it like smile, cheerful greeting and sincerity. But if you are a joker, there are certain professional background that jokes are not allowed in, even if it is, just a bit of it.

One also don’t have to bring professionalism home, except a part of it else a frustrated day at work can ruin a family’s happiness for the day.

Be a professional at work, but try to be a personality at home. Don’t combine the both.

Being too much of a ‘professional’ before a ‘personality’ can also affect our relationship with people, especially if have too much ego in us. We might tend to see others as inferior as we don’t belong to the same profession.

But being a ‘personality before a ‘professional’ can enhance one’s relationship with others, as one tends to jocose with them notwithstanding the differences in professional background or individual traits, because one is being human first before any other element of qualification or discrimination.

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