Members Of Discipleship Training School (DTS) Of United States Of America Encouraging And Praying For The Sick In Cape Town South Africa


DTS USA in Cape Town - Nzubestruth.comYouth with a mission (YWAM) as gathered by are community of believers who love Jesus and want to spread the joy of Jesus. These youths are made up of young girls that came all the way from USA to South Africa, to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and pray for the sick as well as encourage the downtrodden

Haven seen them from afar pray for people and share agape love, I was compelled to follow them up as I was touched by their act of humanity which is becoming rare to find in our society, as some people tend to be superior over others because of their skin colour

Whilst some believe that human colour come first before humanity, these young girls believe in equality before God with the understanding that God created human in His own image and likeness and thus we are the same before God irrespective of skin colour

Ronald 36 year South African in strokeRonald is a 36 year old South African living with stroke for four (4) years as gathered by after the prayer session with Maggie and Emily

Ronald made it known that his major problem is not the stroke but lack of love, as he’s still single with no child and loneliness often cripple in which is reason he prefer been in town as to meet and talk with people

He said people like Maggie and Emily have made him realise that love after all is not in shortcoming as he received a warmth hug from them which he can’t recall when last he was hugged

“I always know I’m a human but just that I can’t walk like others, but knowing there are people who can walk but cannot see, hear or talk, makes me know that I’m blessed as I can still see the beautiful world and the beautiful people of the world”, Ronald said.

He admitted that after the prayer session with Maggie and Emily he felt an inner joy and peace and can’t consider himself lonely anymore, as he know there are people who love him

Ronald in conclusion said that the government takes care of his financial needs but most time what a lonely heart yearns for is not money but love from people.

It is within my conviction that the healing of the world will come from sharing love and care to the lonely and the downtrodden, regardless of their colour or belief as we were created by one God.

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