If You Cannot BUILD Your LIFE Now That You Are YOUNG — You Can Never Do It When You Are AGED

P1010993As a young person bubbling with energy and strength, full of wisdom and knowledge, carved in beauty and handsomeness. Have you ever thought of how you’d look thirty (30) years from now?

Have you ever tried to compare the degree of the strength you possess now, with the degree of strength that will remain in your possession in thirty years time? If your answers are not in the affirmative then you really need to sit down and think.

When I look at the young youths of this generation and their perception about life, especially my African brothers and sisters, I weep. Our perception of life is like an evil wind that blows no one no good.

Someone wrote on Facebook; “forget motivational speakers go and make money”. But the guy that wrote this is not only a make-up artist, he’s an outstanding one, and he’s working and making his money.

But for those that will misconceive that post into making quick money without source, like some are presently doing, ever wondered the outcome of such living? I will tell you, “it’s a windy diet”.

In as much as bad governance and leadership contributes to our ill social lifestyle, but we cannot hold the government accountable for our individual lifestyle. We are solemnly responsible for with we do with ourselves and how we perceive life.

“Amidst the lack of opportunities people are fast becoming entrepreneurs”.

In life is either you ‘make it’ or you ‘break it’, but if you break the rules of life and that of the government making it, then you still haven’t made it. But if you ‘break it’, haven’t broken any rules of life and that of the government, then you should be glad because heaven will soon receive a Saint.

I’m not good at memorizing Bible verses because I have the Bible in my heart. You also have the Bible in your heart. It is called “Conscience”. Conscience is an open wound and only the truth can heal it. You can lie to the world and even your family, but you can never lie to yourself.

Consuming your youthful strength, beauty and handsomeness on chasing after the wind is like building castle on the air. Can you live in it? Definitely No, because it doesn’t exist.

Those guys you are chasing after and not chasing after your life, they are chasing after money to give you, when your beauty fades away they will disappear with the wind and start giving the money to another beautiful lady.

Those ladies you are chasing after and lavishing your money, they are chasing after potential husbands, by the time you realize that things have fallen apart financially, they’ll be married. Besides marriage, only few ladies can still tolerate a broke guy in our society.

“In thirty years time the future you never planned will mock you”.

Then, those that are laboring today to build their future, will be reaping the fruits of their labor. While you that never labored to make ill wealth for yourself, that will soon blow with the wind, will be gnashing your teeth.

Of what use is it to exhaust one’s energy in acquisition of fake materialism whereas the same amount of energy can be used in acquiring something that can last a lifetime?

You only need planning, forget those that are telling you to forget motivational speakers, they planned their lives. They didn’t wake up one morning and became celebrities. They toiled for it and determination saw them through.

Instead of jumping in and out of flashy cars for little change, why not discover a potential and use it in becoming somebody in life and make real money.

The energy you exhaust in satisfying those guys sexually, can be used in nurturing a particular potential. Success is a matter of strategy, if you try to, and fail, go back and re-strategize but never give up because it requires one’s persistent spirit.

Being rich or acquiring materialism doesn’t really mean one is successful, but launching a potential that actualizes a goal and having a sense of accomplishment at the end, is what I regard as being successful.

Discover your potentials! Create a positive mindset!! Maintain a positive spirit!!! Be humble and learn to plan yourself well and always know that the quality of thinking that guides your intelligence is far more important than the degree of intelligence you possess.

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