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Dividing Line Between Failure And Success Is A Very Thin But Strong One That Requires Only Perseverance To Be Cut

Line between failure and success _
Dividing Line; As a line often invisible that marks a boundary between two areas, or an imaginary line that marks or differentiates between different things, ideal. Eg. The dividing lines between Non-governmental organizations, or political parties. While pertaining to our living as humans and quest to succeed in life, can be viewed as the barrier between us and our promised land (land of success).

Failure as a negative phenomenon or condition is what everyone tends to avoid in life and arrive at the phenomenon of success, which can be regarded as our promised land in life. Notwithstanding the difficulties often encountered in the process which can be daunting for many, but yet encouraging for others, because of their high level of perseverance.

* Perseverance; As the ability to continue in a course of action regardless of discouragement that might emerge from the previous failure, which is the reason some finds the process discouraging and throw in the towel without further trying because of previous failed results and would rather remain the same in life, than trying further.

“Never stop believing in yourself, always seek the strength within you.”

Ever tried piercing a hole through a concrete wall with a non-concrete nail? As difficult as it is with a concrete nail, it’s more difficult with a non-concrete nail, the concrete wall will leave lots of nails bent and disfigured out of shape, but with constant hitting and changing of nails with a strong hammer and certain amount of energy, you’ll definitely create a hole through the concrete wall. It is part of ‘Perseverance’.

How quickly do you give up when trying to fit your feet into shoes that barely size you and you really need to wear them? As quick as some do give up, there are those who try harder and fits them and while walking they notice the shoes have loosened up. ‘It’s also Perseverance’.

‘Perseverance’ as the only ‘Scissors’ that can cut the line between failure and success, amounts to one’s constant trying to derive a  positive result or outcome from a source that had yielded only negative results and outcomes in the past or previous trials.

“Without perseverance, the will is nothing but a mere illusion of the mind”.

* The dividing line; The obstacles, the challenges, the No’s for answers, the “you don’t belong here”, the “your CV is not encouraging”, the “we want someone better”.

All the negative ‘The’s’ and No’s you’ve received so far in your pursuit of success, are the dividing lines, most times they look simple, easy and tinny as though your next try will convince them and change things, but it often doesn’t.

Then it appears stronger and discouraging to you. Now, you want to throw in the towel, isn’t? Are you sure your next trial can’t cut the dividing line? That is perseverance speaking to you. Pay attention.

Irrespective of the fact that most times trying in one direction is like a waste of time and it is, try in different directions. That is, spreading your tentacles. But never give up on any direction except you have a very big result at hand that covers other areas.

“Don’t throw in the towel without having something at hand. That is cowardice”.

When every door seems lock try knocking on all of them at the same time, one must surely open. How many doors are you knocking on?

Those who often achieve greatness in life are not those that throw in the towel easily, but those that hold on to the towel regardless of its wetness. Wetness as a result of sweat can only make one smell for some period of time until after a proper bath, but it signifies a high level of hard work executed with a certain amount of strength.

If you apply perseverance in all your endeavors, slowly but surely you’ll definitely arrive at a positive and successful conclusion that will pay you handsomely and open the gate of your promise land.

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