Understanding The Purpose Why You Are Called By God

Whilst some of us are still in unawareness of their purpose on earth, there are some who believes they are called by God because of the humanly attitudes they possess and certain potentials of bringing out the best in others and helping them reach their destinations in life.

Some might have being told by their Pastors or Spiritual helpers that they have a divine call from God,  which perhaps is not a lie, but some Pastors and spiritualist doesn’t have the ability to foretell the exact call one might have from God and the purpose behind the call. To understand more about haven being told by your Pastor that you have a call by God; Click here

As difficult as it may be for us to understand the categories of these divine calls by God and their purposes, we might as well try to fit in out natural abilities or humanly attitudes endowed to us by God, into areas that sees to the well-being of other people, perhaps in doing so we might actually be answering those divine calls unknowingly because we are building humans, which is one of the essences of life. To build other lives.

Ever wondered why some people are different from others in the way they jocose or relate with people, even when they might belong to the same group or association with those they seems to be different from?

E.g. At school, you’d find those teachers that are very friendly with students amidst other teachers that detaste students and would melt out several punishments to them at any little offense, there are teachers that will come to one’s rescue from the punishment of other teachers, there are teachers that don’t mind telling the students answers in exam hall

As the school authority might consider helping students in exam halls as being against the school rules and regulations, have you wondered how God would consider this humanly kind gesture? Funny as it may sound, but the student being helped in the exam by a teacher, might be the reason why God allows that teacher in that school, to help that student and bring out the best in him or her, because the student also might have a divine call by God, but might not be good in certain subjects, it doesn’t mean having a call by God makes one a genius, but it makes one outstanding in the group of others.

People that have calls by God have a Spiritual ability of understanding things differently from other people’s understanding of them, because they see things in a Spiritual form and not a worldly form.

In the world, people have a definite understanding of things and reactions to certain occurances, in the Spirit, spiritual people don’t use the same interpretation as the worldly people do, they see things differently.

What a wordly person that has not come to a length with the Holy Spirit might consider unclean, a spiritual person might consider it clean. What a wordly person might consider clean, a spiritual person might consider it unclean. Because these are two different worlds.

So knowing that you see things differently from others and you are not quick in judging or condemning other people, means you have a divine purpose to fulfil on earth. It’s not a subjection to ‘Altar’, or collecting tithes and offerings from others in the name of being a Pastor or spiritualist, but a subjection to build others in contributing to their well-being and also helping them in fulfilling their purpose on earth, as you are helping them in the field you are into, you are also fulfilling your own purpose on earth

That might be the reason you are called by God and endowed with the ability of seeing things differently, so all you can do to answer that call is investing in others and developing them regardless of their imperfections as human.

Many of us are answering these calls unknowingly, but there are those in cautiousnes of it, and knows they are answering the calls, and thus answering it perfectly. It’s more rewarding to be in awareness of your deeds as they can serve as references in your moments of prayers.

Reminding God of the deeds you are doing on his account, shows you are aware that you are called by him. But answering the call unknowingly is like an accidental occurance one is not prepared for, but finds oneself doing them.

If you are very humanly, accept it and be the best of it. It is your calling.

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