Guarding The Degree Of Your Intelligence With Quality Thinking So As To Avoid Indecisiveness

Ever heard the saying “the quality of thinking that guards one’s intelligence is far more important than the degree of intelligence one possesses”?. Do you also notice, there are people with the problems of indecision and always finds it difficult to make up their mind on something no matter the length of time given to them?

This is not because they are dumb or unintelligent, but because they have a problem of Indecisiveness which can be attributed to ‘lack of quality thinking or slow in thinking’, haven mentioned ‘slow in thinking’, I’d want you to understand that one’s inability to think fast most times and drive to a conclusion, is not because one is dumb but because one doesn’t know what conclusion to drive at which can slow one’s ability to give an answer to a particular question or drive to a conclusion at certain issues.

The word ‘thought’ as an uncountable noun, doesn’t only imply thinking but also consists of proces by which such forms arises or manipulated, i.e. A way of thinking, manner in which ideas are formed or created in the mind.

When it comes to thinking or forming ideas in the mind, depiction is involved. What I mean by ‘depiction’, is representations of ideas with mind images, that is, the images created in the mind to visualise ideas.

E.g. I’m hungry, “what can I eat?” At the thought of ‘what can I eat?’, one that guards his or her degree of intelligence with quality thinking, is already creating images of food in his or her mind and being able to see clearly what kind of food he finds himself or herself eating with his or her minds eyes, it can also be attributed to power or imagination, to read more about power of imagination; click here

So, being able to see clearly with one’s minds eyes can quicken one’s response or reactions to issues or questions, the uncertainty of one’s reactions to issues most times is because one can’t find a clear picture of the thought in the mindset to react upon.

And if it happens in a case where a man is trying to woo a lady into a relationship, a lady with the inability to see with the mind’s eyes can keep such a man waiting for response till thy kingdom come, because she’s unable to see a clear picture of where the relationship will be headed.

Now, haven understood that our thoughts can be guided by images and can quicken our reactions to issues, lets look at those ‘principle of thoughts’ that can enable us drive conclusions faster at issues or questions.

Principle as fundamental assumption or guiding belief of something, doesn’t necessary mean without them those things can’t materialise but rather, they are the host that fuels the effectiveness of something.

‘Thought’ has two elements in which the capability of thoughts are based. And those two elements are respectively; Positive and Negative.

So for thoughts to generate an outcome, which makes it capable of being a thought the positivity and negativity of them ought to be weighed in order to generate an effective outcome without errors or regrets.

The fear of errors or regrets are reasons some people can never drive to any conclusion, rather they’ll keep the results pending till after due consultations from superior people.

But if one has to always consult others before taking any decision in life, then one is as good as not having a life.

* Positive element of thought: Positive implies assurance, certainly and sure. That means it doesn’t have a side or after effects attached to it, so in thinking, first thing that should come to one’s mind is, what do I stand to benefit from this? What will be the effect? Is it worth doing? This three questions, if answered in affirmative means one stands to lose nothing should one take an action regards the thoughts.

* Negative element of thought: Negative implies proportion, undesirable and unfavourable. Which means it comes with side or after effects attached to it, so while thinking of things that perhaps are not clear to us as regards their effects if taken an action

What one should keep in thought is, can I be able to pay the price or bear the consequences? What will be my way out or escape route if caught in danger regards haven taken the action? Can I survive this? If the answers to the questions are in deformation, then the action is not worth taking as it will be like an evil wind that blows no one no good.

So in guarding one’s degree of intelligence with quality thinking, one’s ability to clearly see the effects of a proposed action or inaction with the mind’s eyes before arriving or driving at a conclusion, portrays the degree of intelligence one possesses and also guarded by quality thinking.

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