Effects Of Apartheid Era In South Africa And Insecurities Of The Black Citizens

Apartheid era - Nzubestruth.comApartheid is one phenomenon one can’t just whisk away from the memory even in a hurry, it’s an injury that is yet to heal completely as the wound is still fresh in some people’s memory regards the method in which the injuries were inflicted.

In as much as the system no longer exists we still have those amongst us that classifies humans in accordance to their skin colour, haven came across the commemoratory  benches in the photo, somewhere at Company Gardens, Cape Town. I couldnt help but to wonder why some people could be so inhuman as to treat others like animals.

The inscription on those benches reads as follows;

“From the Government Gazette registration of reclassification, 1938:

518 Coloured persons were reclassified as White persons

1 White person was reclassified as Coloured person”.

“Edited from the population Registration Act No 30 of 1950

A White person is in appearance White – and not coloured

A Coloured is a person who is not a White or a Bantu”.

Looking at the above you’d agree with me that it’s quite painful to make others feel inferior of themselves, because of their skin colour and also make them feel they don’t belong to the society.

We are all humans first before our individual skin colour. We shouldn’t make others feel inferior of themselves because we were all created by the same God in his own image and likeness, skin doesn’t describe who we are.

Bantu means Black and Black people are peace loving people until they learnt to hate by those who tends to look down on them because of their skin colour, if they can be taught to hate, they can also be taught to love.

The Black Insecurities is one of the reasons persons like Julius Malema is fighting tirelessly to drive White farmers away from South Africa. To view Nzubes Truth’s opinion regards ‘Land Expropriation Without Compensation’; click here

Apartheid era-South Africa - Nzubestruth.comReading the the inscription on the information board in the above photo you’d also understand that some people in the past acted as God themselves as if possesses the power of creation.

The black citizens haven witnessed an era where they were caged like dogs, ever wondered what a dog does when freed from a cage after a long time? It doesn’t mind the pedigrees of its owner.

Alcohol abuse is one of the effects of apartheid era, as people were never allowed to drink freely and now haven gained the freedom, some tends to explore every bit of it. It could have been avoided if only the love approach was used ab-initio.
Now, the needful relies in building a society that still suffers from the injuries of the past, by engaging them in those positive things they never had access to, without their having to struggle for it.

Providing them with skill acquisition centers that can see to self employment of most of them as white collar job is becoming difficult to get, so as to curtail the rate of unemployment that is fast changing the youths into gangsters.

Granting them free education as to reduce the level of drop outs and also increase the chances of black entrepreneurship, becoming an entrepreneur without education often doesn’t work, so every society needs education and at an affordable cost, if not free.

People still live with the mindset of White is getting richer and Black is getting poorer, which is not true, as lots of Whites also lost their jobs after Apartheid.

Black poverty can be attributed to Black mismanagements because of lack of earlier exposure. Engaging them into business trainings and offering free entrepreneurship courses to them, is way of showing them that the society belongs to all both White and Black.
In blood transfusion of saving life, the skin colour in which the blood is gotten from doesn’t count, what counts is the life it saves.

South Africa as a Rainbow nation should imbibe the spirit of love and unity, in order to be able to move forward as a Nation regardless of the respective skin colours. We are humans first before our skin colour.

Race doesn’t exist, what exists are ‘Humans’.


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