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Setting Goals Irrespective Of Your Position In The Field And Distance From The Goalpost

In a football field if every player tends to be in the appropriate position before attempting to hit the net, we’ll be hearing of a few goal scorers today. Good players attempts the net no matter their position, especially when there’s no team mate around to pass the ball to.

Life itself is a football field, the people you meet in life are your team mates and your success is your goal.

Whilst the player attempts to score a goal regardless of the position and distance from the net, a good player plans his moves first before moving his legs to the direction he wants the ball to go. Players like Christian Ronaldo wouldn’t mind hitting the right side of the net even when the foot faces the left side. He’s a good player, isn’t? He plans his moves regardless of time limitation.

He sees the goal from within, plans his moves and attempts the goal withing before physically launching into action, the goal keeper at this point becomes confused and while thinking what direction to dive, Christian Ronaldo is not even thinking what direction to play, he’s already scoring the goal within himself by exploring the chances in every direction.

whilst the goalkeeper is diving to the left side of the net according to Ronaldo’s foot, Ronaldo is hitting the goal the right side simultaneously with the diving of the goalkeeper to the left side. It’s called proper planning! Explore every opportunities before making a move.

Goal: Outside the result one is attempting to achieve especially in a sports competition, to me, means having a positive foresight of the future and beginning early in life to make plans and set standards that will enable you cross the bridge of downfall and arriving at your own promise land in the future.

Setting goals are irrespective of what you are doing today and where you are now in the journey of success in life, because goals are positive dreams that you live and struggle on your everyday life to attain or bring to reality.

Doesn’t it sound silly that I left the university back in Nigeria in my 3rd year just to go back home and set goals for myself? To read more on this; click here

As an individual your plans for yourself might be different from the plans your family have for you, but if you are sure of yourself, why not try your own plans and leave that of your family?

Most times we live under the already built lives of our parents, that we forget to build our own lives. As a human being, you have destiny and potentials and nobody will discover yourself for you, except you.

If you fail to plan then the only alternative is to plan to fail, so to avoid failing, one ought to plan in order to succeed regardless of the gold, silver and diamond in one’s family background. Those resources were acquired by people who planned and built their own lives, you too can plan and build your life.

As someone who found himself in the streets of South Africa, regardless of the background I came from. In fact most times in the past, I do get discouraged and tell myself “I shouldn’t have been here”, but at the thought of ‘discovering myself’, I always summon courage to press forward. Today, I am here.

If I regarded my family background, I would have finished up my academic pursuit in Nigeria and once in political science is presented to my mom, she would have never allowed me to embark on this journey, because she doesn’t believe in leaving one’s country to seek green pastures abroad, especially when it has to do with her second son that is also her shopkeeper.

So convincing her about launching on a journey where I wouldn’t be needing her financial assistance, just to suffer and discover myself. She wouldn’t let me go. I had to leave school and prove my seriousness in building my own life.

Today, I’m not just a scriptwriter, I’m also an actor, a blogger, web designer, yes, I designed my own Blog and nobody taught me how to do it, except few online readings and then several errors and corrections and gradually I designed a blog.

All these didn’t happen as a surprise to me, I was prepared from the onset. I knew I’d suffer and that’s the price I’ll have to pay for the massive success I intend to achieve and the great height I intend to attain.

Paying the price was bitter, but the fruit is sweet.  Have you noticed I’m yet to monetize my blog? That’s because I want you to understand that I don’t write to make money, I’m writing to help you discover yourself first, we are together on this journey and I won’t leave your hand, hold my hands and I’ll hold yours and together we’ll build our lives and transform our society.

When you see Ad’s on my blog, just understand that I also have to pay for the site and any platform that cannot take care of itself is nothing but a trash bin. But it doesn’t mean your reading would be disrupted by them, we’d handle it maturely.

Now talking about ‘setting goals’ I’d be using ‘street’ to identify field of contemplation in the following;

* The kind of street you want to enter: Street is not just a place to be stranded or become a prodigal, rather, a place outside one’s comfort zone where one can cope without aid from one’s family and be able to discover oneself and become somebody in life.
Knowing the kind of potentials you have and what you can be able to do, will determine what kind of street you’d enter. Me, I’m into entertainment street. Anything filmmaking appeases me.

* What best can you do in the street?: What do you have within you that can enable you cope in the street, even if it’s not nurtured as long as you have it, you’d meet those that will help you nurture them. Me, I love to write regardless of my grammatical blunders.

* What benefit can it gain you and the people in the street?: Others will only believe in your dream when they can benefit from it, and then will give you maximum support which will make your journey more easier, so think of something others can do together with you. Don’t stand alone, in return you’d benefit an easier journey though they’ll share in your success story but it’s worth it.

* Can it earn you a living?: Nobody leaves his comfort zone to enter the street for nothing, don’t struggle for nothing, struggling for something that will yield fruits and massive success so as not to have wasted your time and energy for nothing. In return, they will yield financial benefits and take care of you as a person.

So once you find yourself struggling with your emotions in contemplation of leaving your comfort zone, first make proper plans of what best you can do outside your comfort zone. Your plans and potentials will carry you along as long as you don’t lose focus.

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