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The Purpose Of Life Is Touching Other Lives Positively

As many of us spend time in building our pastors and making them billionaires, seeing it as a prerequisite for entering into the Kingdom of God, there are still people who understands the essence of giving to the poor and less privileged and touching their  lives positively, knowing fully well that, that is the most crucial prerequisite for making or entering the kingdom of God.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t give to your pastors, but what is the essence of feeding someone that has food to it? Whereas there are people without even a half loaf of bread for daily meal.

If all the millionaires in Africa can thread the path of charity, I tell you, there will be lesser news about ‘rescued refugee ships’  across international seas, but human investment is what we lack in Africa.

Few people that understands the essence of living for one another, and also understands the hopelessness of hoping on corrupt African leaders, in touching the lives of the less privileged ones amongst us, have embarked on the route of NGO’S (Non governmental organisations) as the only means to impact positivity and hope of living for tomorrow in others without interferences from governmental sectors.

Haven mentioned NGO’S, different people have different motives for running NGO’s, however, those that runs it with the evidence of the hope they are giving to the less privileged, should be recognised and recommended.

Talking about; Giving Hand To The Poor Foundation. It’s  a charitable organization working to improve the living conditions of the truly poor, needy and less privileged in Nigeria and Africa most especially poor widows, women, children, the sick, the elderly, internally displaced persons and out of school children.

Giving Hand to the Poor Foundation is working to implement projects and programmes premised on empowering the poor and the needy through sustainable income creation projects, poverty alleviation skills and vocational based education.

They are of the ideal that charity and giving to the poor and needy should be sustainable; hence their approach to poverty alleviation through sustainable income creation initiatives, i.e empowerment through agriculture, skill acquisition / technical education and other sustainable income creation funded projects and programmes.

The Nigerian population and society is largely dominated by the poor and those without the opportunity and skill to earn as a result of so much injustice and bad leadership in the country resulting to inadequate redistribution of wealth within the country.

As a result, a great population in Nigeria mostly dominant in the rural communities and semi-urban areas of the country are still battling with poverty and the Nigerian children especially in these areas have the highest number of children not involved in formal education, one of the highest statistics of school drop out in the world.

Working together with their partners, they strive daily to empower the poor in the society one person and groups at a time.

“Fulfilling ourselves is our first choice in life, the other is to take the time and strength we would use in fulfilling ourselves, is seeing to the happiness of others”.

If you believe you are amongst those that would rebuild the world and make it a better place, partnering with NGO’S in seeing to the happiness and well-being of the poor, the needy and the less privileged ones, would be a very bold step.

If you would love to partnership with Giving Hand To The Poor Foundation, in touching people’s lives and building a healthy society in Nigeria, and Africa at large.

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