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The Tree Of Success Doesn’t Make Noise When It Is Being Climbed But You Can’t Bear The Noise Of It’s Fruits When They Are Ripe And Falling

The saying ‘busy like a bee’, derives from how busy bees becomes when they are making their nest. Just like climbing the tree of success, the burden the tree bears keeps it heavy from shaking or making noise. Looking at that tree of success, as you that is on a mission to succeed.

Haven embarked on the journey of success, loosing focus of your mission by engaging on irrelevant things, that takes your mind away from how busy you should be, with your planning and schedules, is tantamount of you not understanding what it means to be ‘climbing the tree of success’.

While on the journey of success, the aim is to achieve a massive success, isn’t? To me, it is. Massive success is the aim. Nobody leaves his house in the morning and stands under a scorching sun for the whole day in a farm, only to harvest two tubers of yam. It is a disgrace and gross act of laziness, magnanimously used for gossip while standing in a farm or at place of work, busy talking, gossiping and bragging, instead of working.

While planning your way up to success, it means you are ready for the journey, especially for a professional person. There are rules you should be sticking to, and that should be your personal rule and everyday routine, I bet you, professionalism is one’s ability to carry oneself as a professional person by sticking to those rules or principles that determines professionalism.

As host as they are, I’d be pointing out those crucial ones that affects one’s workmates and some of these reasons are why one might never be regarded as being serious.

* Time keeping: How early one arrives at work or appointments portrays one’s zeal and diligence for a work or a supposed project. Your lateness to work or business meetings, can affect your workmates, colleagues or partner’s schedule. And gradually their confidence in you might start diminishing, as you are not an accurate time keeper. 

If your morning routines plays negative impact on your schedules, you might as well try waking up more early. As a professional, you have no engagement with your bed past 5:30AM. If you are having your early morning coffee 6:50 AM, I presume you are already dressed for the days activities.

* Email and properties: How often do you check your mail? Some people only check their mails once or twice a day, some once or twice a week. Some don’t even pay attention to mails. Personally, I communicate with email more than any other platform, be it phone call or social media. Why? Because emails can be used for reference purposes.

Whatsapp often wipes or your phone memory erased, even your Facebook can be hacked or other platforms, but your email remains there. And can also be more easy for printing purpose. As dangerous as the world is becoming, some employers might deny having appointment with you, even as you might have being taken advantage of.

They might even delete that whatsapp chat, both the ones on your phone. But they can’t delete your mail. If you really wanna negotiate something serious, use email.

As someone that tends to succeed, regular check up on mails means you are open for business. First thing you should do in the morning, is to check up on your mails if you work from home, but if you have to go to work, once arrive your work place check your mails, respond to messages, don’t keep people waiting or in the dark without information.

*Email properties: I couldn’t lay my fingers on the right word for the email elements, like, Cc, Bcc. Most times we might be in a hurry replying mails that came with Cc, without replying it to all. Means a double work for the person his or her mail’s account was used in generating the group mail. Because the person has to forward your reply to others, and will in return regard you as amateur without consideration of the reason behind the error.

So while replying to mails with Cc, try as much as possible to ‘reply all’, so all the recipients can be able to hear from the horse’s mouth

* Feedback : Feedback is always the factor that weakens interpersonal or group communication, and that’s because people violate the use of feedback and some don’t even  give feedbacks. Feedback is a right you owe to someone at the receiving end of a conversation or task.

Don’t delay feedbacks, you need to keep others updated and in time. Delaying a feedback means withholding information and it’s an abuse to the act of communication.

While given a tasks you find difficult to fulfil, give feedbacks as to reasons why you couldn’t fulfil them, and proffer a way forward as to show your willingness and energy in trying to fulfil the tasks.

Keeping others in the dark without a feedback is way of displaying arrogance and unseriousness.

If feedback has to do with score, inform others or group of person (s), of their performance, so as to serve as a guideline for their next try. It will help them for a revision, and also shows your level of professionalism and eagerness to worki with them.

The Tree Of Success Doesn’t Make Noise When It Is Being Climbed

As you are busy abiding by these principles of success, it is like climbing the tree of success, you’d get busy to an extent you wouldn’t have time for irrelevant things or activities. Instead of talking or bragging, you are working.

‘Work in silence, and let your Lamborghini make the noice’.

You Can’t Bear The Noise Of It’s Fruits When They Are Ripe And Falling

Just like a mango tree in the season of its fruits to fall, pity is the roof of the house that is situated next to the tree.

How you often feel when overspeed by a Power bike or Lamborghini, is how most people that never heard from you for a long time, as you were busy climbing the tree of success, will feel at the noise of the fruits of your success.

When you were climbing it, is like a cultivation period during farming, when they ripe and ready to fall, it becomes like a harvesting period. There will be more to harvest, because you took your time in cultivating them.

The sound that comes with the falling of the fruits, is like thunderstorm at middle and silence of the night. Just like the falling of the fruits from the tree of success, the tree of success is your labour, and the fruits are your results.

Your results makes the noise.



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