Overlooking Flashy Things Of Life With Sole Motive Of Building Your Life First Before Equipping It

On the mission of building one’s life, if one has to stop and throw stones at every bird that whistles, then that mission is bond to be delayed. Focus as the key that keeps one moving without distractions, especially when one is building one’s life, but that focus can be violated when one doesn’t understand the need of placing one’s ‘needs’ before his or her ‘wants’, that is understanding the essence of building your life before equipping it.

Looking at the first paragraph, you’d understand that, there are factors to be paid attention to while building one’s life, and there are also factors to be ignored or overlooked while building a life, and can only be paid attention to while equipping the life one has built.

Those factors to be paid attention to while building your life, are the factors that will determine your self worth. Self worth means one’s potential and capability.

Potential: One’s characteristics that makes one unique and outstanding, and thus good or perfect at one’s area of specialisation.

Capability: One’s power or ability to generate an outcome with one’s potential.

So, one’s capability is the ability of one to derive an outcome or result, using one’s potential at a given task.

Then in building one’s life, there are stages one must follow in order to avert misfortunes or ‘rise and fall’, rise and fall means stumbling downwards to failure after one might have attained certain heights of success in life.

Those stages are one’s ‘Needs’ and ‘Wants’, far from our day to day interpretation of our ‘needs’ and ‘wants’, as set of properties or tools one requires, wishes for or desired.

‘Need’ is very crucial because it’s an essence and can’t be avoided as a primary basic.
‘Want’ is less crucial as a secondary basic, it’s just a wish or desire and thus can be avoided or ignored.

Placing your ‘wants’ before your ‘needs’, is like enrolling first in secondary or high school then returning back to the primary or grade class thereafter. It’s not a perfect way to build a life!

Nobody attains the heights of success by climbing the ladder of success downwards, or steeping on the staircase of success downwards. As long as success is concerned, every movement should be done upwards.

In building a house, the laying of the foundation is the primary basic, the furnishing comes after the house must have been completed. Nobody furnishes an uncompleted building, except he or she is tired of building or ran out of resources.

Just like building a physical house, our lives are also houses and should be built in accordance to stages of what comes first, just like in a physical house.

Placing your ‘needs’ first in building a life and ignoring your ‘wants’, is like building a house with money that can be used to purchase an expensive car, but understanding that house is a primary basic and car is secondary basic, and thus can’t purchase a car with money that can build a house, is exactly how a life should be built.

In building your life, what comes first is developing yourself, that is understanding who you are and discovering your potentials. Utilising your potentials in solving life mysteries, that is nurturing your potentials enough to be able to generate an outcome, solving tasks that will portray the capabilities of your potentials.

As long as your potentials are discovered, nurtured and launched and can be able to generate an outcome. That means you’ve built your life. And that is the ‘Need’.

The essence of life is knowing who you are, discovering yourself and your potentials and utilising them judiciously in living a fulfilled life. Launching into action as living a fulfilled life, is the ‘Want’, because at that point, your potentials have the capabilities of feeding you, clothing you, and giving you all the good things life can offer.

But if you move firstly to acquire the good things life can offer, without building a life, what are you going to do with those things? Can you equip a life you don’t have?

We all wish or desires a fulfilled life, where we can acquire properties of our choices and Flashy cars. But those things are ‘wants’, and can distract a person from building a life which is ‘needs’.

But when a life is well built and functioning, acquiring those secondary basics as ‘wants’, is a showcase of a life well-built. It becomes normal, but overlooking them at initial stage with sole motive of building a life first, is absolute wisdom. 

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