Immigration Challenges Of Black Migrants In South Africa And Valuelessness Of Our African Passports

Cape TownSouth Africa as a rainbow nation that shelters and belongs to all who lives in it. As true as the saying might be, regards the country as land of opportunities for determined minds, but can as well frustrate a person with its immigration challenges that leaves migrants stranded in the country.

Experiencing this immigration challenges myself, as a Nigerian who has positively integrated into the South African society, and as well currently working on platforms that is seeing to the wellbeing of some of the citizens, especially in the field of film making where I’ve contributed positively in my free tutorials to students who have become expertise in scriptwriting and as well gets their content to be read and reviewed by professionals.

Regardless of my postive contribution to the society and non violation of any rules that might infringe on my stay in the country, so far. It still overwhelms me as how I can’t be able to obtain an immigration status in the country, haven came into the country with a visitor’s visa in 2014 which was the only category obtainable by me at that time, without prior information about the difficulties in changing the category whilst in South Africa.

After the denial of my first application for a working visa, I reapplied again in 2016 July, till date I’m yet to receive any status which has left me stuck in the country. Knowing I might not be the only one facing this challenge, I’m compelled to share my own experience.

Do one really need a visa to migrate within Africa? What is the essence of being an African then? Bedsides visitation that might attract a free visa, in legalising one’s stay in an African country, does it really have to be daunting?

I have an urgent need to visit my country as soon as possible, but I can’t as I wouldn’t be allowed to come back here till after five (5) years. For one that haven’t seen one’s family for four(4) years, and can’t be able to see them because of the fear of not returning to the country.

Worse still I have to obtain an emergency travelling document from Nigerian embassy which will cost R2000, before I can be able to exit the country, even as I have the slip from Home Affairs that proves my status pending.

Haven waited for two(2) years without a feedback regards my application and have followed it up severally, and escalated my documents ample of times to Home Affairs, Pretoria. Contacted them on phone calls, only to be told to be patient. Please, for how long?

Haven often heard about people staying in another country for 10 to 20 years because of immigration problems, I dreaded it so much that I never imagined finding myself there. But here I am today, but staying here beyond next year without reuniting with my family, is one thing I’d never accept.

The minister of Home Affairs, should be called to order. He’s melting out unnecessary wickedness on migrants, both black and white. And that’s very unfair. Some immigration rules should be reviewed.

Most times we tend to change the cause of some problems with severe fasting and prayer, but these are problems you and I can solve.

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