Distinguishing Personality From ‘Professional’ So As Not To Change Who You Are

An individual with a profession is living a double life, the attitude one portrays at his or her professional background (so as to abide by the rules of professionalism) is quite different from the natural attitude one possesses as a person, that is, one's personality traits, that makes one distinct from others. Haven understood what... Continue Reading →

Dividing Line Between Failure And Success Is A Very Thin But Strong One That Requires Only Perseverance To Be Cut

Dividing Line; As a line often invisible that marks a boundary between two areas, or an imaginary line that marks or differentiates between different things, ideal. Eg. The dividing lines between Non-governmental organizations, or political parties. While pertaining to our living as humans and quest to succeed in life, can be viewed as the barrier... Continue Reading →

Whilst Politicians Are Trying To Battle The Causes Of Migration In Poor Countries EU Is Imposing A Devastating Free Trade Agreement In Africa

Perhaps, Angela Merkel was not wrong in her perception regards the refugees: "the refugees in Europe are not as numerous as this rich continent could not treat with dignity. However, the EU is currently exhibiting on daily basis its inability to effectively manage the situation", said the German Chancellor. Poverty migration tears European countries apart,... Continue Reading →

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