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Why You Often Encounter Various Challenges After Your Acceptance Of The Holy Spirit

Things might be going well with you, but once you’ve confessed Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, and thus receives the Holy Spirit, everything will go wrong. Why?
That is because you’ve entered into a new covenant, an agreement that comes with its own unique experiences, meant to teach and equip you for greater purposes. Some people, while in unawareness of this tends to turn their backs on the new beings they are meant to become through those ugly experiences that sets in on the account of accepting the Holy Spirit.

Whilst turning their backs on those experiences to follow an easier route, they also lay curses on God and his Son, as being the cause of their problems without being spiritual enough to haven understood the experiences that comes with accepting Christ.

Those ugly experiences that keeps you in the thought of abandoning anything that has to do with Christ, are the same experiences that will mould you into what Christ wants you to become.

Finding a short route to your destiny, means abandoning those experiences that God really want you to learn from. Irrespective of what you were taught in school by your teachers and lecturers, or at your church by your pastors. True and undiluted teaching comes from the Holy Spirit.

The kind of teaching you don’t have to pay for, you can only pay with your ability to be patient in those periods of turmoil and challenges, those moments you feel like your life has ended or coming to an end.

Mostly after accepting Christ into your life, things will never be the same, and you shouldn’t expect them to be, because wordly experience is totally different from spiritual experience. Before you accepted Christ, your experience then was man made, the things you knew were taught by humans.

But haven accepted Christ, as well as the Holy Spirit who is the teacher, the Holy Spirit cannot come physically to teach you, rather the Spirit will take you through Spiritual exercises that you might consider as life challenges. Because those exercises might come in form of hardship, rejection, abandonment, and other problems that might even affect you emotionally.

Not because God wants you to suffer, No. But he wants you to learn. Becoming a born of the Spirit, means becoming a child of light. And as a child of light in a world full of darkness, you are meant to lead people to the light, and take them away from the darkness that have beclouded the world and left people spiritually blind.

Now, how do you lead people from the darkness to the light? Remember you were once of the world when you haven’t received the Holy Spirit, then you shared the same experience with them and living like them.

But being of the Spirit and not of the world anymore, those experiences you gathered after your acceptance of the Spirit, are what you will share with them, making them understand that if you could pass through all that and succeeded, they also can.

You didn’t succeed by your own making, the Spirit that is in you guided you through all that. Imagine if you abandoned the experience because of the hardship it came with, you wouldn’t have anything to be sharing.

Most times the challenges of life, can be God talking to us because there’s a particular direction he wants us to follow, but God as a Spiritual and supernatural Being, cannot as well come physically to teach you, just like the Holy Spirit.

Everything revolves around experience, you can only realise it is God talking to you when you pay critical attention, and that can only be done through prayers.

Only in prayer can you remind God of what you are passing through after your acceptance of His Son and the Holy Spirit, and then asking him to portray his purpose for you.

Some of us once we are at that point in life, when we cannot press forward again because of life challenges, prayer is always the last thing on our mind. Because we presume prayer not to be working, else how could we be facing such turmoil after our acceptance of Christ?

But at that point, prayer is the only way out. Prayer is one of the exercises of ‘Faith’, prayer is what shows God how much you believe in him. And not just any kind of prayer, but a sincere one.

A sincere prayer done with a pure heart, gives God such disturbances that only one in spirit can understand.

But as worldly as we are, when challenges sets in, we always beckon on people to help us out, without knowing the reasons behind those challenges.

As a child of the light, any kind of challenges cannot come to you, any challenges you encounter after your acceptance of the Spirit, is meant to teach you something and only by being patient in those periods and learning from them, shall you become what God destined you to be.

Most of the people we regard as great in the world today, passed through their own kind of experiences, and we regard them as great because we know they conquered. Had it been they abandoned those challenges and looked for the easier way out, we couldn’t have regarded them as great, rather, as cowards.

So you that intends to be great tomorrow but can’t face the challenges of today, how do you intend to do it? As a great person, what experience have you to share?

Personally, sharing my experience with you I’d never stop, the question is, are you ready to listen? So haven so much experience to share is as a result of me not looking for easier way out when the challenges of life stepped in, I’m still passing through those challenges and I don’t intend giving up to look for the easier way out.

Rather, I’m enjoying every bit of it because they are moulding me into the person I’ve always aspired to be, and I’m sharing them because I want you to learn that challenges doesn’t mean that God hates you, it means he accepts you and wants to remould you into something that you’d look into the mirror one day and smile, knowing fully well that the Lord’s hand is upon you.

I’m not a preacher but I have high regards for God, I received the Holy Spirit in Nov 2012, and ever since then I’ve never been the same. I can say I’m the most successful poor man on earth, I’ve come to realise that success has nothing to do with money, and money is one of the reasons why people think they are not successful, and thus believing that God is against them.

God is not against you, but one thing God can never do is to bless a lazy person financially, he’ll reward you according to your labour during those challenges, he’ll reward your patience and even multiply double to you when the time is ripe.

But all he wants you to do at the moment of those challenges, is to draw more closer to him, to prove to him that regardless of the challenges of life, you’d never abandon his ways.

Then when things turns around for your good, you’d look back from where you are coming from, to those that are stranded spiritually as you were before, and show them the way forward and how to walk in the light of God.

Photo: Watchtower No.3 2018

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