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Weather Or Not You Believe In The Existence Of God Live Your Life In Readiness For His Kingdom

The existence of God and his Kingdom is a phenomenon almost, if not everybody wants to fulfil, so as to ascertain the truth about their existence. But as easier as it may appear to some people, it can be daunting for others, because it’s a phenomenon that demands certain requirements in order to be fulfilled.

Being daunting to some people to an extent they’ll give up on the quest because they think they don’t have those requirements, thus living their lives like hopeless people that doesn’t care about tomorrow. Why? Because they doubt the existence of God, regards the injustice being perpetuated in the world without God’s intervention.

How do you know that God doesn’t intervene? Absolutely because of your situation and unanswered prayers. Now the question is, how do you pray? Do you pray and also exercise the acts of faith?

Most times we pray and fast and yet don’t see the results of our prayers, not because we didn’t pray well, but because we didn’t exercise the acts of faith. ‘Faith’, as the ability to believe what is unseen even without signs, doesn’t mean just praying and believing that your prayers will be answered.

Faith comes with an act, you don’t just have faith, you exercise faith. You put faith in action. You let faith take control. You become faith itself. You are closer to God, regardless of your iniquities, faith upholds you from that which will take you far from the kingdom, faith will always remind you that you are faith because it is in action.

* Now how do you put your faith in action?
* How do you make your prayers work for you?
* How do you turn your ugly circumstances around for your good?
* Are you ready for the task?

Starting from the last line:

* Are you ready for the task? Most people give up on life itself because they are not ready for the task. Why do you think people turn to alcoholics and drug addicts? That is because they are not ready for the task.

They are not ready for life, the task of life is difficult especially with one that channeled the source of his or her belief system to God. To get more insight about your belief system and how to construct it, you can see it on my blog tag titled ‘Belief system’.

So when you belief system is channeled to God as the source of its energy, it requires prayers and acts of faith to water it and keep it powered and energetic. And you don’t just pray, you pray with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is the media between you and God’s Kingdom, and the acts of faith is what will get your prayers answered, if prayed well.

So, still talking about being ready for the task, if you are ready. First forget the challenges of being righteous, that is one thing that is taking us away from God, because we tend to be extra righteous before we can pray or exercise the acts of faith.

If you are waiting to be righteous, you’ll never get ready for the journey. You can never be righteous!

But not being righteous doesn’t mean your prayers cannot be answered, you will use the acts of faith to get your prayers answered. Now that you know the journey is not difficult, are you ready for the task? If you are ready.

* How do you turn your ugly circumstances around for your good? When you can’t sleep without getting your pillows wet, when the debts are high and income is low, when you must weep before you eat, when nothing works for you, not even prayers, what is that particular thing you are struggling with at the moment? Try not to be idle in life, fight something or make something to fight you.

That thing you are battling with that seems unachievable, and you really want it because you have the potential and you are ready for the task. Leave it for a while, if you have prayed well and it still didn’t work, try doing some other things, you’ll definitely get something going no matter how small.

In trying some other things, you are spreading your tentacles and becoming more better than you were, now don’t stop praying, make your prayers work for you by exercising the acts of faith and praying with the Holy Spirit.

The acts of faith with automatically turn those circumstances around for your good, but you need prayers to keep it going.

Prayer being the petrol in which your vehicle (belief system) is moving, you can never seize to do it.

* How do you make your prayers work for you? By praying with the Holy Spirit and exercising the acts of faith.  Prayer is beyond closing one’s eyes and screaming on top of one’s voice without the presence of the Holy Spirit, it’s just like acting a play.

First, you need the presence of the Spirit, no matter how long it will take you to connect. By singing hymes, worships, or praises, songs that moves the soul. Songs that shakes the kingdom. Songs that touches the Angels. Songs that weakens your enemies in a battle field. Songs that restores joy. Songs that takes your soul away from your body. Songs that makes you shed tears. Songs that keeps you rolling on the floor. Songs that makes you cry out loud!

If you can cry in praising God, the Holy Spirit is already in action. Pronounce your case,  get it settled and believe it’s done. Don’t repeat the same prayer.

If you can speak your dialect during prayer, if English is difficult for you, use your dialect, your language helps you connect better than any other language.

God knows your identity, remind him the son or daughter of whom you are, if you are from a good home. If not, remind him of your good deeds on the thought of his existence. Remind him of your acts of faith on his account. Remind him the intentions behind your prayers and what you want to do for his people.

Wipe your tears and get up, embark on the acts of faith.

* Now how do you put your faith in action? By living some certain kind of lifestyle and doing some certain deeds. Are you a giver? How often do you give? Do you give to the church or to the street?

Those that will pray for you in expectation of next day bread, are on the streets begging for bread. Go and buy them bread and stop buying foods for your Pastors.

Have you ever seen an opportunity to do evil and deceased from it at the thought of the existence of God?

Do you help in building the society, or in destroying it? Are you committed to service to humanity?  How humble are you?

If you’ve met all these requirements stated as questions, then you are surely on the right path.

Please Feel Free To Comment Your Thoughts On How A Prayer Gets Answered. Thank You.

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