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What Kind Of Flowers Do You Plant In Your Garden?

Garden; As an outdoor area containing one or more types of plants, usually plants grown for food or ornamental purposes. According to dictionary meaning of garden, which means one can own a garden and decide what kind of plant, to plant in one’s garden.

Let us presume these gardens as our whole being as individuals, thus our individual selves. And let’s assume the plants we plant in our gardens, to be those characteristics that makes us who we are, and those characteristics can be developed or cultivated.

Now, talking about characteristics as distinguished features of a person, a person’s personality traits that makes him or her unique and outstanding. These personality traits are individual’s attitudes or mindset, which one can’t hide from the public. 

What kind of attitude do you have? What signal are you sending to the public? What are your reactions to issues? How do you carry yourself?

* What kind of attitude do you have?; When you are disposing your state of mind to others, or public. Are you welcoming in your speech? Do you use the dialogue form of communication or the interrogative one?

– Are you welcome in your speech?; There are some who cannot pass any information without sounding rude or using insulting words, they can swear at you without regarding it as anything, and calling their attention to that, means looking for trouble. They may be doing it knowing or unknowingly, but the truth is that, it’s part of the kind of plants planted in their gardens.

And it takes only selve realisation to amend those characteristics that can do no one no good.

– Do you use the dialogue form of communication or the interrogative one?; Communication as an act that involves freedom of expression of thoughts, can be abused or violated by others without knowing it, they’ll seem to be interrogating you  during conversation, without giving you the chance to speak. Not because they are not interested in what you have to say, but because it is their own way of communication, they just want to hear what they want to hear.

It is part of the kind of plants planted in their gardens.

* What signal are you sending to the public?; We live in a society where we tend to judge others first from their appearance, before their reaction. Living in such society, except you intend to isolate yourself from the society, but if intends to associate with the society, sending a negative signal means pushing potential people away.

No professional person would want to identify with a hooligan, haven said so, it’s important for one to watch the image one portrays to others or public.

* What are your reactions to issues?; In times of sorrowful moments, making mockery or joke of the situation, will not only resurrect the anger of a calm person, it will also make you appear like a fool before others. Distinguishing between times for different reactions in certain issues, doesn’t only portray one as being matured, but also having some elements of integrity.

* How do you carry yourself?; Humility is an act only the humble can explain. Being of an arrogant nature simply means you are not ready to identify with the society, it doesn’t mean you should bring yourself so low as to drag your dignity to the mud, but it simply mean being of an approachable nature.

To enable others communicate with you easily, you need to always wear an inviting look, even if it means putting a smile on that your pretty or handsome face. Smile radiates the true beauty within regardless of the external look.

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