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Invasion Of Africa PHASE TWO

Cape Town - City centre
With no intent for racism or discrimination against skin/ or region, country or continent of  anybody. It is with great concern, for my Continent that I’m writing to sensitize everyone on importance of open dialogue or communication, especially in a heterogeneous society using a language everyone can understand, irrespective of one’s great love for one’s home language. I know your language is important to you, but while addressing public issue, translate to a language everybody can understand.

I love my Igbo Language too, but ‘m’jiri ya kowaputara gi, ebu’m n’obi’m m’jiri na ede’ edemede nkea ugbua, i’gaghi ahota ihe m’bu n’obi.

So, as difficult as you read my language to comprehend it as Chineese, was how difficult I found it to understand what I read in a Blog yesterday. I know the Writer/Publisher  reserves the right to publish in any language he or she deems fit, especially when it has to do with German. But addressing such a sensitive and crucial issue, as the way forward of controlling the economic migration of Africans, and how to help the Continent to curtail it. I plead, such topics be written in English, it’s not as a definite or unavoidable accordance of respect I have for English, but it’s the Language most Africans understand, which can enable them comment easily in such posts.

I enjoy reading posts from other Blogs, regardless of language because I use google translator, and I don’t have a problem with that because I enjoy versatile reading as it helps me to learn other languages. And you know online, Google search, Bing and other net services, at a click topic shows up, which is one of the essences of writing in the language the people you are addressing their issue can understand. Even if they can’t comment, let them get sensitized and be in awareness.

After going through the post which centralised on how to control the immigration crisis of Africans to EU. The following was my comment on the post;

“Haven read the post regards controlling of migration activities of Africans to Europe, and remedy. I want to categorically state here, that the remedy or solution to African economic migrants to Europe is not war, neither is it something only Germany can solve. Rather, it needs a collective attention in order to be addressed properly.

Besides, trying to find a solution to the problem of ‘African migrants’, whilst still discussing it as an internal affair in Germany, and also in German, is improper as no or only a few Africans or African leaders would  understand the issue because of language barrier.

Basically, the issue of African economic migration to Europe, that is about to tear Europe and ‘Her’ economy apart is as a result of lack of earlier exposure in Africa caused by colonial era. Now the problem is not colonialism, but bad governance and leadership in Africa. Because African leaders knows little or less about politics and service to humanity.

They regard politics as a means to enrich themselves and families, and no amount of financial aids given to such leaders, that would ever be utilised judiciously in development of the continent and provision of skill acquisition centers to develop the citizens in order to curtail migration.

I’d be writing a note here if I don’t stop, but I’d advice that the issue be treated collectively because we are Humans first, before our different races and nationalities”.

The post wasn’t bad, it was a post of concern regardless of racists comments from those that sees Blacks as Animals, but for the poster who is a White and showed such concern, means all Whites are not racists. Some Blacks are even more racists than one can imagine. So racism has nothing to do with race, rather individuality.

But my concern goes to our so-called leaders, who have rubbed mud and vegetable oil in our faces before the world. At this 21st century, amongst others continents that got freed from colonialism, Africa shouldn’t be suffering till now.

What don’t we have? We’ve all concluded that Queen is in control of our leaders, as their maximum homage to her, says who? No external factor is in control of our internal affairs when it comes to development. Far from development, every leader in in charge of his or her Nation, except still under colonialism.

Queen cannot come from England to Africa and tell the leaders not to create skill acquisition centers for their citizens, or see to positiveness of the education and health sectors. 

Create massive employment facilities, Africa can never be over populated than ‘Her’ resources.

Let’s rather say our leaders are doing trade by barter with our resources, but the same people they are trading with are complaining on the importance of developing Africa, regardless of the trade in between them.

Who is deceiving who? But a reasonable leader should learn from the people he is trading with. They can loot their people to develop them, but you loot us to develop your family. Our Ancestors will judge you.

Take a look at the environment of the countries you are going for trade, doesn’t your country deserve to look like that, despite its resources and the capability of those resources. You even collect extra foreign aids from external factors and join to your looting, and still invest in foreign and already developed countries.

Do you even ask yourself questions? What will be the future of your children and grand children, you think they will dwell in your investments forever? I tell you, they’ll squander them because they didn’t see the energy when you achieved them, they know nothing about what it takes, because it took nothing!

Then, the people you are looting today will be the leaders of tomorrow. Do you intend changing your family name? Or perhaps, they’ll live in Mars and not on earth let alone Africa.

You are instilled in power to build the nation and not to destroy it, does it mean that power comes with lack of conscience? Even if it does, can’t you consider your subjects that are looking up to you for survival?

Amidst of mineral resources and fertile soil, we are still suffering. I wonder how our leaders sleep at night.

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