Stepping On The Staircase Of Success Without Missing A Stair

Staircase of success
Staircase, as flight of stairs; a stairway/ or connected set of flights of stairs; a stairwell. They all means, set of steps allowing one to walk up or down. A shaft in a multi-story building enclosing a stairway or staircase. Which means one must step on them before reaching one’s destination in the building, and being arranged as step, one is likely to stumble if missteps.

Let’s take that ‘building’ which is an (uncountable noun) as ‘structures’ known as ‘Success’. And one must walk up to the top of the building(s), before achieving/ or attaining the  (obsolete noun), otherwise known as ‘Success’, which we all strive for, to reach in life.

Now haven seen Success as a building with staircase, and knowing how we often fall or stumble while running or walking in an unguided steps in staircases, you would realise that walking up the staircase of success with inappropriate steps can lead to one’s misstepping and stumble. Of which if stumbled terribly, can leave one with serious injuries that will take years to heal.

How can one walk up the staircase of success without missing a step? Imagine walking up a staircase in a building, and seen a banana or mango peel ahead of you, what do you do? Personally, stepping on the stair before the one which contains the peel, I’ll reach out my hand and pick the peel, or do it whilst stepping aside in that stair, but definitely not stepping on top of the peel.

Associating the peels on the staircases of buildings, with the peels in the staircases of Success. The peels on the staircases of buildings, are physical peels one can easily take away without haven to step on them to avoid stumbling. But in the staircase of success, we don’t see these peels physically, but we feel them because they are affecting us, most times they draw us backwards, we often stumble or even get stuck as if magnetod.

And these peels represents the experiences we encounters in our staircases to success, which most times we don’t know how to deal with them, which amounts to our being stuck, backsliding, stumbling and downfall in life, on the processes of attaining Successes.

Each stair has its own experience and should be stepped with extreme caution, because success is not just a building, it’s a firm and a fame. Success is all we strive for but we often lack the virtues to attain it. Mostly, learning from the experiences in the staircase of success is the only way to achieve success, because as each stair has its own experience, it guides one is stepping on the stairs ahead.

Jumping any stair, unstepped, unlike the physical staircase in a building, wouldn’t leave one stumbling immediately. But it leaves one with inexperience of the experience of the jumped stair, and one is likely to get stuck in the stairs ahead because of the experience uncollected in the previous stair. Which is why some people get stuck at some points in life, jumping life processes is like trying to go and have a taste of the future, then later going back to the past to collect the experience that will enable you live in that future you have tasted.

And as you are going back to gather those experiences in the stairs you unstepped, those that stepped cautiously in each stair, are moving ahead to live the future you tasted. By the time you are coming back from correcting or retracing your steps, age might no longer be on your side to live that future energetically.

Yes, no time is late, but some times could be too late. Learn from the knowledge from every stair, deal with them. Don’t jump them regardless of their individual difficulty, they are the experiences that are guiding your walks on the staircases of Success. You need them. Gather them! Don’t look for the easier way out.

“Amidst The Rocks And Thorns On The Journey Of Life, Grows The Flowers of Success, Only But The Courageous Ones Threads That Path, To Uproot Them And Plant In Their Gardens”.

Those rocks and thorns, are the experiences in the staircases of success and you need to step on them in order to learn from them, unlike in a physical building where you have to take them away.

Learning from each stair, could mean being delayed at a point in your life where you are meant to pick up knowledge or experience that will enable you tackle the challenges of life. Looking for easier way out, is trying to go ahead to have a taste of the future.

Not having the courage to go back to the past and gather those experiences, means living in a windy diet or unplanned/ or ill-constructed future. Because of fear of others living the future before you, then you shouldn’t have gone ahead to have a taste of it without gathering the experiences.

Whenever you are stuck in life, looking around. There is something to learn from!

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