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Positive Utilisation Of Characteristics Of Virgo

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Today is my Birthday. My favourite colours are; Black: It represents Attitude; Boldness, Toughness, and Outspokenness
Green: It represents Production/ or Reproduction; Birth/ or Rebirth, Flourishing, and Outstanding

White is my ‘Star’ Colour: Virgo; Virgin, Purity, Endurance, Humility, Loving, Caring, Understanding, Knowledgeable, Wisdom, and Consistency.

I’m an outstanding Virgo. A very powerful one. As I wrote earlier, about utilisation of characteristics of ‘Virgo’, positively. Being a Virgo is not just so common because Virgo is a very powerful Star that comes with attitude. Virgos are powerful people. Think about any Virgo you know.

If you are a Virgo, then you really need to strive for success because you are a powerful person, you have a very powerful mind. Your mind can control things and channel them to your wish. Your mind can manipulate.

The degree of your intelligence doesn’t depend on deep or quality thinking, it just flows, even what can take others days or weeks to think. That is Virgo! You always go towards anything your mind conceives, and you always achieve it no matter how long it takes.

You don’t depend on people to be happy, you create your own happiness. You are very sincere and tells people the truth to their face. You want to see the best in orders and helping others makes you happy and fulfilled.

You don’t open up easily except you get used to people. You always care for people and can go out of your way in helping them. You can help people more than you help yourself. And you don’t expect rewards.

You always think of how to better the society and make the world a better place. You want to show people the true way of living. You are a giver, except you don’t have something to give. You are very open minded and can be loud.

There are many characteristics but can’t mention them all, but I’d use the aforementioned ones to tell you as a Virgo, like me that you are a powerful person. You can be a leader. You can lead people.

Strive to be in a societal position where you can create impacts and correct societal errors. You have all it takes. Don’t give up on your quest for success, see any failure as an experience to start over more intelligently.

Always make your voice to be heard in any group or association you find yourself, don’t just be a floor member, but a contributor of ideas, because you know what others wouldn’t know easily.

Learn to teach people because you have a lot to offer from your mindset, create more time for your ‘me time’, so you can be able to learn more from the depth of your soul.

Virgos learn from their souls and they know so much and can change the world!

Happy Birthday To Me…


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