Determination The Key To Greatness

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IMG-20180910-WA0000Success is a matter of proper planning, coupled with a high level of determination. Regardless of the delay played by circumstances in execution of our plans, probably because of lack of resources (finance or opportunities). Circumstances of life most times can leave one in doubt of one’s abilities. Irrespective of the lack of finance or opportunities, in execution of one’s plans or thoughts in order to attain success, determination is what keeps those plans or thoughts going no matter how long it takes to execute them.

Execution of plans can be daunting, especially when one doesn’t have all the requirements in launching one’s plans, thus, achieving a particular purpose or goal. But without determination and the ability to persevere, most of the conceived thoughts abolishes from the mind.

So, in a situation where one finds oneself in a daunting situation of achieving a plan or aim because of lack of resources, one needs to apply the principles of determination and perseverance in order to keep those thoughts/ or dreams alive.

No one has all it takes to become somebody in life, except one who was born with a silver spoon, thus, coming from a well to do or wealthy background, that averts suffering to attain greatness from one’s road to success.

Even some who were born with silver spoons in their mouths, still strives to succeed from the executions of their own plans and dreams, notwithstanding coming being born in a wealthy background.

But on the questto succeed or execute plans, a lot of people do give up because of the limitations of resources. In as much as success is not a do or die affair, one needs to be successful in life in whatever field one finds oneself. Though many people have to start from the scratch to build a life, especially when one has no field to start in.

Starting from the scratch to build a life, is not an easy one and that’s why many people gives up on that route and embark on a more easier routes like accepting any kind of low paid jobs in order to put food on their table. But I see that as doing what one is not destined to be doing because of lack of determination.

Determination, when it comes to success, means continuous striving on the quest to succeed irrespective of the daunting circumstances. And determination is something that needs to be developed, just like perseverance, they are virtues and don’t just emerge, one has to develop them and use them as a weapon in the battle of success.

Determination is a very crucial and virtues weapon, especially in a situation of limitations of resources, because that’s the only thing that can keep one going regardless of how many times one meets disappointments on the way, surely people will always disappoint or undermine you especially when you are starting from scratch, they can make you look inferior.

But being sure of what you want, is telling yourself ab-initio that “I know this journey wouldn’t be an easy one, I know I’ll meet disappointments, I know only but a few or non will believe in my dream, I know I’m alone on this mission, but I’m not giving up!”.

Once you’ve digested the above words and make them your daily reminder, you’d never be discouraged when disappointments strikes as they will often do. All you can do then is to smile and say “I expected it”, even when you never expected to be disappointed.
Always see disappointments as the ability to carve more out of yourself, disappointments most times makes one to summon the courage in developing oneself more and more.

It could be that fate wants the best out of you, and without disappointments you wouldn’t know the spaces that needs to be filled in your life. So all you can do is to look deep into every areas of your life when disappointment strikes. Some people can disappoint you without knowing it, because they don’t know what that dream means to you.

It takes only determination to convince them, some can turn you away but when you keep developing each time you are turned away, one day they’d realise you are the best that can fit into the field available.

And that’s because they’ve seen how much further you developed regardless of how many times you were turned away.

Don’t think of ‘giving up’ any time disappointment strikes, instead think of what you can add to what you have being offering. Maybe what you have being offering is not good enough, and it only disappointments that can make you to add more.

So dont regard disappointments as failure, you don’t have to think you have failed each time you are disappointed. Rather, see it as lessons and learn from them regards the areas you needs to amend or nurture. Then launch into action again, that is called ‘perseverance’, which is one of the greatest virtues.

As long as you keep striving without giving up, one day the disappointments would be a thing of the past, as everyone would tend to identify with you because they’ve realised you have a unique potential to offer.

Only but determination can keep one going regardless of ample disappointments.

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