My Birthday And Table Mountain

Cloud in Table Mountain
Morning Fellaz, hope you guys are good today. Awwww Cape Town weather this morning is mortuary standard, lol. Looking at ‘Table Mountain’, you wouldn’t need to ask about how the atmosphere feels. I feel like I’m inside a deep freezer because I live a stone throw to the ‘Table Mountain’. Table Mountain is one of the wonders of the world, that makes Cape Town one of the world’s most tourists attraction Cities.

So one can not talk of Cape Town without mentioning the Table Mountain. It also have cable cars system that makes it more fun.
Really thinking of having my birthday bash there, if I’d have a sponsor that can foot the bill hahaha…

Guys my birthday is on Saturday the 15th’ and as you know I’m a proudly ‘Virgo’. Have been quiet for couple of days without writing, not that I have reached my ‘writers block’, but google adsense can be daunting.

But for the passion of writing, I over look it, to continue with what I enjoy doing, writing.  But before I continue, please can anyone share a light on a precise prerequisites for getting google adsense activation in a blog. Who doesn’t mind to share? Please comment on this post. Do you think my blog is good enough?

I’m open to critics’, they always help to bring out the best in me, please spill out how bad my blog is so I can edit or modify some parts. I’m not a pro. web designer,  and knowing how much I’ll be charged for it and still need to pay for hosting. Guess what I did?

I used one stone to kill to birds, how? I only paid for that which I can’t do myself which is hosting, a web designer doesn’t also have the access. Which is, paying wordpress. But for the designing and every blog related challenges. I thank my fellow bloggers, who always write and motive blogger aspirers like me, through their write up’s.

I have no idea about IT, I’m beginning to think about some courses in the Universities, most courses shouldn’t be taking ample of years, especially in Africa. It took my only one month to bring this blog to this level without having knowledge of IT (information technology) that consist of Web designing.

I think people should read more on Net when it comes to enhancing academic performance, text books and course handouts are good also, but they takes a bit time to be updated and published, but on Net and Blogs are informations always been updated everyday, hour and minutes, because the capability energy relies in the knowledge one is sharing and it’s genuineness and authenticalness and thus permitted to share it online, else some online financial aids like Google will melt out severe punishment to the publisher.

Because definitely one has to pay for one’s site and you need money to pay it in order to continue sharing the ideas and knowledge. Regardless of some untruthful sites, there are hosts of truthful ones.

So when you are reading something your heart aligns with, you don’t need to be told about the truthfulness of the site/blog.

So I embarked on online research, because I have so much in my diary to publish, not because of financial benefits though, because I’m mostly involved in the film industry which wouldn’t pay me in online platform or bublish my cotent online, except after production, which is a processed data. Otherwise, known as form of turning written content into a viewable content.

So blogging is for the joy and fulfilment of the heart about a positive knowledge being shared and in one way or the other touching anothers’ life. I really learned from more of online reading than published books. So I must say a big THANKS, to online publishers.

Please don’t forget to wish me a Happy Birthday on Saturday the 15th of September. I’ll also share lights on how to utilise the ‘Virgo characteristics’ positively, on that day.

I believe in all the elements of life, including science and religion because they all have their roles. Some people don’t believe in horoscopes, especially in zodiac signs. But I do, and they work most especially zodiac.

There’s an element of truth in every theory. Some of us often goes contrary to our Star signs which is like battling yourself and you’ll spend years doing it without achieving anything of which Star signs are also in align with Religion, for those that have absolute believe in God and thinks Horoscopes are kinda bad. Who gives the scientists and philosophers the knowledge?  Is not God?

We’ll be discussing more of that on my Birthday, I don’t know more of other zodiac signs, but as a Virgo that I am, I’m not in unawareness of the characteristics of Virgo and how to use them postively.
Please don’t forget to tell me how bad my blog looks and what you think. I know it’s about the knowledge and not the view, but viewers deserves the best of the view.
Thank you.

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