Shooting At Burials And Trauma To The Bereaved

P1010847It’s becoming more of a societal norm that if a deceased person happened to be a member of a certain gang, the group members always shoots in the air during the burial, which in one way or the other plays a negative impact on the attendees of the burial and traumatises the family of the deceased and the children in the burial ground. Now the question is, is it a societal norm, and what have people done so far in getting the law enforcements involved and active during the funerals of such people?

And what is the aim of someone going to another person’s burial to shoot on the air, without considering the effects and trauma on the bereaved that are mourning their loved one.

As I always say, ‘public writing’, is about addressing societal issues. And haven attended such burials and witnessing less or no action by the people because of fear of the unknown, it calls for questioning.

In spite of fear of the unknown or after attack by the gang members, should the
law enforcements be involved in such funerals, the regards to the feelings of the bereaved subdues it all.

One can’t be mourning and same time be in panic of gun shots during the burial of a loved one. It’s quite a societal error and should not be indulged in. It traumatizes the families, especially when mothers are involved.

And haven seen that people prefer to remain silent out of fear of the unknown, it’s within my conviction that it is the duty of the law enforcements patrol teams to always parade within cemetery, during the burial of a suspected or known person of a questionable character, so as to maintain a calm and peaceful background.

And also it’s the duty of the families of a deceased person that belonged to a certain questionable group, to make the law enforcements aware of certain uncertainties that are likely to occur or emerge during the funeral of such person, prior to the date of the funeral.

Defeating fear of the unknown, is knowing that non of the said group member will know the personality behind the involvement of the law enforcements, and thus cannot launch an attack on any person/s. Cemetery, is a sacred place and should be kept sacred by maintainence of calmness and tranquilities during burials.

And considering the presence of children in the burial ground, in some cultures where kids that are nephews or nieces of the deceased are permitted to uncover the tomb before commencement of the burial, and then the kids have to witness such gunshots that are likely to traumatize them.

So as to protect the emotions of the bereaved that are mourning, and to ensure security of the attandees and avert possible traumatization of children, I encourage the activeness of law enforcements during such burials.

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