Ever Being Told That ‘You Are Called By God’?

Regardless of the numerous fake 21st century men of God, that sees no vision. There are still the real ones that sees real visions. The real ones always have the ability to fortaste  what the future is likely to hold for you, despite their inability to see it all, because destiny can be changed. So, most of them, while they have an insight of what the future holds for you, they can foretell you as a person of goodwill, but they cannot tell exactly the category of the goodwill you will fall into. (Only God Knows).

Goodwill; as a favorably disposed attitude towards someone or something, have different categories, any of which makes one a person of goodwill.

So the men of God’s inability to foretell the categories of the goodwill, always project them to capitalise them as ‘Clergy’. Thus, always tell you that, ‘You Are Called By God’.

Now for the less knowledgeable, of understanding what it means to be ‘called by God’. It doesn’t evolve only on Clergy. Being called by God, means having a mission or task one must accomplish in life in the name of God. That makes one a person of goodwill.

Some had spent ample of years in a Clergy field, still struggling for daily meal, because they were told by a man of God, that they were called by God. God can never call you and let you starve!

It means you are not disposing your goodwill in the right field. In the category your goodwill personality aligns with.

For some people, it’s a do or die affair. They will do any kind of dry fasting and prayer, in their quest to obtain spiritual gifts from God to enable them exercise one miracle or the other because they believe they were called by God. And when these spiritual gifts are not forthcoming. Like gifts of healing, deliverance, prophecy, vision, miracle, name it. They really need one gift or the other in order to be extra ordinary or an outstanding man or woman of God.

Who told you that the call from God is of Clergy alone? Mind you, the man of God didn’t lie, he or she really foresee you as a person of goodwill which means you are called by God. But they can’t tell of which category, and in order for you not to undermine their gift of vision, they’ll tell you what is very easy to become, so you don’t think their vision is in vain when it doesn’t happen.

But becoming a real Clergy is not easy except the fake one. The real one is a very long, strong spiritual journey and only few people attain it in spirit, most of the people we ragard as clergies are living in carnal more than us. Irony of life, isn’t it?

So instead of struggling to be a Clergy in order to fulfil the vision of ‘haven called by God’, why don’t you fit your potential into a category you can do well as a person of goodwill.

Your survival can come from there. Yes, “since the time of John the Baptist the kingdom of God suffereth violent, and the violence taketh it by force”, doesn’t mean you must be a Clergy in order to take the kingdom of God by force.

There are many ways to serve God, irrespective of not standing in a podium or in the altar. As a person of goodwill, charity is the best way to serve God,  except that you are gifted spiritual to perform certain outstanding spiritual exercises that touches people’s lives positively, or you willing want to serve God as a Clergy without much expectations of spiritual gifts.

Except God decides to equip you spiritually as per performing miracles, signs and wonders, you can only be fulfilled in spirit as a Clergy. Other benefits of spiritual gifts comes from the decision of the Maker and one’s holiness.

As long as you are touching peoples lives positively, you are serving God. Share endless love and help in healing of the world.

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