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Riot Vs Peaceful Demonstration

The purpose of demonstration as a public display of group or societal opinion, is often misconceived by some group of unguided and miscreant youths in every society. Which resorts to rioting and vandalization of government and public properties in some cases, and most times to looting. When the purpose of any mission is misconceived, disorderly is always the order of the day. And when one sets out to send a message across to a governmental organisation and ends up in vandalization of properties, then the purpose of the message becomes void. Because no organisation will pay attention to a miscreant group or persons.

Now it’s highly crucial to sensitize and educate our society on what demonstration means and importance of peaceful demonstration in order to achieve the aim or purpose of the demonstration, instead of embarking on looting, vandalization of properties and rioting.

Not every government will tolerate or condone some group of miscreants roaming about the street, rioting, looting and vandalising properties in the form of demonstration. Some governments will quell the acts with severe force. But to the failure of the demonstrators as their message can’t be disseminated across because they put up the wrong acts in trying to pass their message.

Some people often burn properties, destroy government buildings and yet expects the government to meet up with their needs and purpose of the demonstration. At whose expense?

The government would rather spend the money rebuilding and reconstructing the damaged properties, which most times takes years to fix and get them back to shape.

Of what essence is the demonstration then, if the demands can’t be meet because of the willful damage and destruction of properties. So, to obtain or extract something from government or passing a message across, it’s always necessary to apply a method of non violence/peaceful demonstration.

That is only when your voice can be heard and you’ll get the deserved attention. Rioting and vandalization of properties is an evil wind that blows no society no good, and should be avoided in order to achieve the purpose and aim of the demonstration.

The organisation you destroyed it’s properties today, will be the same organisation you will seek it’s services tomorrow. Putting up the right acts is a way of showing maturity and clear message guided by thoughtful and brilliant minds.

Undermining of miscreants and touting society or people, is one of the pedigrees of any government, as no government condones such and would put up any act to bring such people behind bars.

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