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Child Support Grant Dependency

Talking about ‘child support grant dependency’, in South Africa. For one who doesn’t understand what ‘child support grant’ means, I’ll educate you on it, before going down to the topic.  Child support grant is a fund or money given to parents who are not financially capable enough to take care of their children, by the government. I don’t know how many countries that practices this in Africa, but South Africa does. ‘Her’ constitution and system of government permits ‘Her’ to do so. The government gives arms/aids in form of money to parents who are incapacitated to take care of their children or earn below their expenditure and can’t meet up with the children’s school demands and bevarages.

But the purpose of this kind gesture by the government is often misaprehended by parents, who depends on this child grants for their own needs and everyday lifestyle including abusing the money on alcohols at the expense of the child’s grant, which is also child abuse as most kids goes to school in tattered uniforms, shoes and sandals some times without breakfast, according to the answers I got from some school children.

But these kids comes from families were the parents had been lavishing money on alcohols and braai over the weekends, with out considering the child’s beverages and school items the money was meant for. It’s obvious they needs to be educated and sensitized on the ‘purpose and aim of child support grant’ by the South African government.

Haven aforementioned the purpose, which is to assist the parents in taking care of their children to avoid child abuse, but the purpose is already misconceived because dependency on a child’s grant for own provision of alcohols, already infringes on) a child’s right. Because every child deserves to be cared and provided for.

Now talking about the aim which is also been violated, because the child doesn’t get even beverages or breakfast before going to school in the morning and yet, on tattered uniform. Most kids have no one to talk on their behalfs and those that would talk are mostly involved in the acts.

To cap it all, I’d suggest informative sessions from the government to the parents, on parenting skills which entails topics such as budgeting.

And probably introduction or replacement of money as means of child grant, with shopping vouchers that can only be used on government dedicated shops. Though some will still maneuver a means to abuse the fund, but it will definitely curtail the present maniac of child abuse.

Most of these indecent acts by parents infringes on the child rights, and these children have no one to stand out for them and it’s quite painful because if the law is broken then the law becomes lawless and void, and when it has to do with child’s rights and acts then the constitution should be reviewed.

Justice, they say; if delayed is already denied.

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