Personality Trait

Personality depicts characteristics of a person seen as a whole, thus personality traits are those identifying characteristics, habits or trend of a particular individual that differentiates that individual from others.

Some people often use the same characteristics to identify every individual from a particular region, country or race, which is absolutely wrong. Even identical twins can be differentiated by their individual characters. Thus, everyone cannot be the same, behave or reacts to issues in a particular way.

We all have our different mindset, ideologies and principles which differentiates our individual reactions to issues, our lifestyle and way in which one carries oneself. Everybody can never be the same.

We often judge one in accordance to the portrayed characteristics of others from one’s region, country or race. (E.g.) Thinking all Africans are dumb, all South Africans are lazy, all Zimbabweans are dirty, believing all Whites are racist, or all Nigerians are drug dealers, or all Ghanaians are fraudsters.

All these are wrong perceptions and categorization of people, which most times leads to the hatred of set of person/s from a particular place, even without any reason or wrong exhibition of characters from them. Thus, we end up judging a book by its cover, even without knowing those individuals differences or associating with them enough to uncover their ‘personality trait’.

Thinking all Africans are dumb:
Africa, as a continent consist of people from different countries and every country have what they are known for and these countries consist of people from different regions and tribes and yet individual characters differs them. So that one African behaved or acted in a dumbly manner to a situation, doesn’t make all Africans dumb. Maybe that particular Individual might be dumb, but definitely not all Africans.

All South Africans are lazy:
In a Country where everyone are lazy, no development or progress of any sort can ever emerge in such country. Taking a look at the organisations that exists in South Africa, the companies and businesses being managed by the citizens, the transport services and so on, you wouldn’t only be convinced about hardworking set of people, toiling everyday to meet up with all the essence of living, you’d also unconver the true ‘African strength’, in action.

All Zimbabweans are dirty:
Have you met with every Zimbabwe and uncover their dirtiness? Talking from experience and direct association with people, I tell you, Zimbabweans are one of the cleanest people, and willing to work even for less pay as long as they can meet up with they daily needs, that is ‘humility in action’, and believe me humble people are always clean except in a situation where one’s nature of job makes one always look unshuffled or tartered but that doesn’t make the person dirty. And in a condition where one finds oneself squatting in a room apartment with all the family members because of circumstances of life, you don’t expect such place to look like a paradise.

Believing all Whites are racists:
Haven’t you come across a White person, as an African, and he or she picks interest first in associating with you, without discrimination? Then you are definitely meeting the whites with the wrong characters. Character differentiates people, and Whites are not exemptions from this, their individual characters also differs. There are those that believes their colour is superior over another colour. ‘Which is a wrong ideology though’. Yet, there are those that puts ‘human beings’ first, before the respective races. Thus believing all humans are equal irrespective of race. And ‘they’ are really humans before their colour.

All Nigerians are drug dealers:
Being a Nigerian, I can vividly tell you that it’s a very wrong perception. Yes, some are into it as a means of living but it doesn’t make everyone part of it. People live according to what they believe in and engage in businesses that suits their conscience irrespective of the consequences, thus, some can sale their conscience to make money.

But it doesn’t mean everyone is ready and wiling to do the same. Mindset differs and that makes people different. Some are ready to do anything to make money, while some are ready to suffer even for a peanut. So while some are living large, others are in abject  poverty, yet they are from the same country. That means some can’t do what others are doing for money and that makes them very different.

All Ghanaians are fraudsters:
Haven made couple of friends from Ghana, from my experience with them, they are one of the intellectual people in West Africa, and most of them engage in works that varies from academics to societal building(building the society). While some can engage into scamming as a means of living, there are those that have taken the classroom calls to impact knowledge on people. And most are into entrepreneurship as they tend to provide jobs for themselves.

So haven read the above examples of what people do or engage in, irrespective of emerging from the same country, region or race. You’d realise the importance of getting to know who truly people are and what makes them different from people they emerge from the same place with.

So you treat an individual according to the character that individual portrays, but categorizing everyone that emerges from that individual’s country or region as being the same with the individual you came across, is quite improper and one shouldn’t indulge in such.

Personality traits are who we are irrespective of where we come from, we can never be the same.

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