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Land Expropriation Without Compensation?

Haven fought and defeated apartheid in South Africa, is land expropriation a way of revenge? Can’t it be settled properly? Regardless of the pains and injuries of the past, “never let a labourer, labour in vain”. It doesn’t only bring curse in the land, it Mars the future! We are talking about land here, given to us by our ancestors, and some other people held us captive and seized our land, when we later regain our freedom and our land, best thing is not to send them away because they’ve utilised the land and it’s fertility to a positive benefits of us in one area or the other.

Sending them away means seizing their crops and efforts, which they did to us and our ancestors gave us the strength to fight back. Now that we won, teaching them peaceful coexistence is what is required of us and not creating more enmity.

I don’t know what Malema have told you to brainwash you as a way of his political propaganda, and the President has no choice because he wants to favour the people in order to be voted in. “Quest for power”.

“When two elephants are fighting the grass suffers it”, African adage. Land expropriation is what the people want, and any leader that makes it possible will be seeing as a ‘Legend’. Isn’t it?

Do you only think about your land, have you considered all the plants here in automobile and so on, be it electrical or mechanical, engineering, name them. So many development and advancement. Do you think with all our resources we could have made it possible without them?

Don’t be brainwashed into thinking land is a treasure, it’s only a treasure when you utilise it judiciously. Write today’s date. Watch out after 5 – 10 years let’s see what will become of the land with our own farmers. Call me ‘white supremacist worshipper’, I don’t care. But I owe you the truth, don’t be fooled by political propaganda. ‘Compensation means paying or giving someone something equivalent to his or her loss’.

It can be done, don’t be too egoistic into believing you own nobody nothing for your land. The person’s effort is registered in the land. Mandela wasn’t stupid to haven’t had done that, call him a ‘sell out’, but he’s the true ‘Legend ‘. He had the power to do such, but he was wise enough to haven foreseeing the consequences, and thus didn’t think to that effect.

We have unwise leaders at the moment, who knows nothing about political wisdom, misleading the people without telling them the truth to avoid hurting their emotions, is not an aspect of good leadership. Rather sensitizing them on the does and don’ts of life that can lead to a disastrous future, is one aspect of good governance and leadership.

‘An eye for an eye’, is one of the bravest ideology that portrays one’s courage to face his or her adversaries, but same time one of the egoistic ideologies that cumbers and mars one’s future and still leaves one as a fool before his adversaries.

‘Justice delayed is justice denied’ compensating someone for  the loss of his or her labour, doesn’t mean you support what their ancestors did, but it means you forgave their ancestors and wouldn’t revenge their deeds on them. It doesn’t make you weak, rather it makes you a hero.

It shows you have concern for humanity and you are peace loving. It means you want a peaceful coexistence in the universe, it means you love mankind irrespective of race, tribe, country or religion. It means you are a ‘born leader’.

Article written in memory of;

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (Madiba)

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