Living In Your Mind?

As crazy as it may sound, I don’t know how many people that believes in this, but I really do. Living in one’s mind. Those around you might think you are going crazy or something, but deep down you are okay. But you have a lot of imaginary thoughts going on your mind.

And you can picture this thoughts like a movie, with your mind’s eyes. Ever experience such? If you do, then you have a ‘powerful mind’, you can project things to happen, just by your ability to create them in your mind and have a clear picture of them, that even when you are out of that ‘imaginary world’ you can vividly remember them.

Some have this ability, but have little or no knowledge of how to use it and that’s because only a few people understands that the Creator have equipped us with everything within, for us to carve or project anything we wish for.

It has nothing to do with religion, as a matter of fact I don’t go to church neither do I believe in everything about science. I have parts of science I believe in, then I have the part I’ll never believe, like telling me that the Creator doesn’t exist. As for ‘horoscope’, and other elements of science, I believe in them because the Creator gave them the ability and knowledge to discover that. And it all started from their imaginations and drive or projection ability.

Please it’s not voodoo, it’s part of ‘self discovery’. Imagine it! If it’s not there, create it! Announce it, and believe in it! If you can say it and see it, you can have it.

You don’t need to see it physically because you’ve said it, no. Say it and see the clear picture of it with your mind’s eyes and make a daily movie. Always watch it. Cast your energy and daily imaginations on it, if you really want it.

You have the power, it was given to you from birth and you need to learn how to use it positively. Some hardened criminals we might think uses charms, only uses power of their imaginations to detect where to rob and succeed. And it works for them.

But they are using the power of their imagination wrongly, and you that is reading this what are you using your own for?

I’m writing this because I don’t want you to spend time on this page for nothing, I want you to use the power of your imagination to drive your thoughts to reality.

I can’t beg you to learn and equip yourself for the betterment of yourself. You ain’t doing it for me, but for yourself and so you ain’t doing me a favour because those that will learn from this will surely learn. But you that doesn’t want to learn, be sure you are not still begging and following people around for money or any kind of favour, you are extremely contented. Then you can go about your business, no qualm.

But if you still indulges in the  aforementioned, thus still looking for a ‘Hand-Up’, then this page is for you,

Stop asking people for favour, except you are aged or incapacitated,  even disability is not a barrier to imaginary power, we all have it but we don’t know what to create.

When you ask some people, “what do you want to become?”, they will ask you “Eeh?”, means ‘what’. So, if you can ask someone ‘eeh’ at the question of ‘what you want to become’ that means you don’t have a clear picture of what you want to become. You need to create it. Because if it’s there, you don’t need a second thought to answer such questions.

I want to be a “Philosopher”. And I’m not only imagining it, I’m creating it. ‘WE’, all have what we want. What do you want?

I propound theories that when applied, works faster than that your seven days fasting and prayer, why?

Does it mean that the Creator doesn’t answer prayers? No! It means you don’t know how to pray.

So if I can prove what I have said above to you, and teach you how to pray and you pray and it works, won’t you regard me a “Philosopher”?.

I’m not marketing myself, but I’m a “Virgo”, that knows what it means to be one. We have powerful mind. And not only Virgos, you too do!

You should have a clear picture of what you want, if you can’t use “belief system”, to attain greatness, use power of imagination. It works, learn to be alone most times, people will think you are going crazy but you are just on the journey of discovering yourself.

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