Human Investment

When you make it to the next level, look out for those on a level you once were.”
“Paying it forward” is a profound, a powerful practice. ‘Human Investment’, is one phenomenon most people don’t understand.

As iron sharpens iron, so do humans should help their fellow humans in achieving their dreams.

Nobody climbs a wall without someone offering him or her a hand up, offering someone a hand up is a way of teaching others how to invest in humans.

Most people became successful because they had others that offered them a helping hand. This practice is very rare in ‘Africa’, why? That’s because people don’t know the essence of investing in humans.

Everyone tends to be superior when attains certain heights in life, and tends to see others as inferior. ‘African mentality’. When some make it in life, they wish the road to success can be blocked so others doesn’t pass, why? Because we Africans are bunch of greedy set of people.

And anyone that rises to criticise some certain practices in Africa, is always regarded as ‘White supremacist worshipper’, why? Because we Africans are more racist than the whites that are being regarded as racist. Yes, some people might be racists, not because they don’t like other races, No! But because of the way some people portrays themselves to be, thus making the Black race look like an animal race.

I’m a proudly African and proud of my colour, but truth be told. When Trump, reffered to Africans as people from ‘shit hole countries’, some of us took to social media expressing our angers. But does it mean there was no element of truth in what Trump said?

In a continent where people have the mentality of “I want to succeed alone”, “I want others to worship me”, tell me, what human thinks like that?

We blame government and bad leadership for all our misfortunes, but we’ve never really taken time to examine our psyche. The millionaires we have in different countries of Africa, if they know what ‘society building means’, shouldn’t only focus on buying expensive properties abroad for a show off, whereas there are many educated unemployed graduates roaming the streets of Africa.

Crime rate always increasing, internet scam have become the order of the day, and people see it as a way of life. Tell me, how can we prove to be trustworthy outside our continent, when we’ve dragged our reputation to the mud.

We admire great men that have represented Africa in the facet of the world, in different areas. But who in this present generation is striving to be like one of those great Icons of Africa? All our youths cares about now is money. They’ve being blinded to see money as only prove of success.

Lots have gone wrong in our society and we keep seeing them as a way of life. We blame ‘colonial era’  for our misfortunes and lack of earlier exposure. Are we still colonised now? Why can’t we wake from this slumber?

An average African doesn’t know what it means to strive for success, using one’s God given potentials. We have the mentality of “It’s either the government does it or we do it our own way”. What is that our own way? By engaging in illegal fraudulent activities for living? What will become of the next generation after ours?

Will people still live in this continent after we must have gone? What are the examples we are setting for them?

Many questions to be answered, yet no one cares about these questions, why? Because our psyche is very sick!

We blame colonialism for all our injuries, including the ones we are willingly inflicting on ourselves.

We need to rise above our poor mentalities and work on our psyches, to rebuild a continent that have been grossly plundered by over ambitiousnes of its citizens.

African continent like any other continent have what it takes to be great, and we are regarded as bush people because we’ve failed to utilise the greatness instilled in us by nature, thus still migrating all over the world in search of greener pastures.

We need to realise the need for human investment, in order to erase corruption and criminalities in our continent.

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