Belief System – Preview And Publish

As we live our lives, so do our Creator live with us to witness what becomes of what ‘He’ created. “We are nothing but pencil in the hand of the Creator”.

Preview; unlike the access one has in editing a page before publishing. Or, a foretaste of something, something seeing in advance.

When our belief system is authorised by the ‘Source’ we activated it with, our life goes beyond our control, what we now preview is what we are projected to preview by that ‘Source’. Thus, we cannot see what is not there except we are meant to see it by that ‘Source’.

A ‘Source’ is now in control of one’s system, previewing what becomes of one in life. No matter how much one struggles, plans and tries to project things by oneself without the approval of the ‘Source’, it won’t work!  Because you are no longer in control of your ‘belief system’.

The opportunities that will always come across will be directed to the ‘theme’ of one’s ‘belief system’. Is like applying jobs in different places with the same CV, the job opportunities one will get will be directed to the content of one’s CV.

Except you are not ready to accept what the ‘Source’ wants of your belief system, then you might end up labouring in vain in life.

If you wanted to do it on your own, why then did you embark on the journey of discovering yourself and building your ‘belief system’? You can discover yourself and build your ‘belief system’, to guide your steps in life. But if you are not ready to abide by the decisions of a superior power, then don’t seek for a ‘Source’ to authorise your ‘belief system’.

When your ‘belief system’ is authorised, you will not only feel it. You will see it! Everything will start turn around for you good and to the path you are destined to go in life. Because your ‘belief system’, now aligns with your destiny. And that is a massive success!

If you want to attain your destiny early in life. Follow this simple steps; 

* ‘Discover’ your ‘Potential’
* Use your potential in ‘Construction’ of the ‘Theme’ of your ‘Belief System’
* Think of what you can offer to the society, willingly!, and make it everyday ‘Sacrifice’, except you truly can’t afford it at the moment and your conscience knows that but deep down you know you’ll offer it at the right time
* Look out for a source that approves of what you are offering to the society and connect to it
*Then stop pushing things to happen in your life, if you really feel a connection between you and your ‘Source’.

The ‘Source’, now takes over and ‘Previews’ what happens in your life.

Just like announcing to the public or dissemination of information to a group, which one can do or a firm.

In ‘belief system’, the ‘Source’ does it. You’ll be launched even without your notice, you’ll only see it happening. Your duty is to put in actions at every opportunity that comes.

Some Celebrities activated their ‘belief system’ with a ‘Source’ that demands only immorality and their success will always come right, thus if they defect from immoral acts, their failure will strike.

Some are not born into the acts but they became part of the acts in their quest for money and fame. Their ‘belief system’ allows that, and they connected it to a ‘Source’ that approves it. I don’t judge them or hate them, as a matter of fact I love them because they exercised their faith in their belief system and it worked for them. 

So if a negative ‘Source’ can activate a ‘Belief System’ how much more you that wants to activate through a positive ‘Source’?, The sacrifices required from negative sources are what is destroying the universe.

Unlike, Robert Greene. The author of 48 Laws of power, he used other characters as reference to his Theory. But I state theories that are not only factual practices, but also contains elements of my experiences, which I do share in my blog.

And people like me activated a ‘belief system’, through a positive ‘Source’ in order to help rebuild the universe, by telling people the truth on how to live a purposeful life. It is my own way of ‘giving it back to the society’.

I make ‘sacrifices’ to an extent I do see opportunities to become a millionaire overnight,  here in Cape Town, but through mischievous means that will inflict injury on the society, which I never looked at the direction because it’s against my ‘belief system’.

I would have engaged in such, if I had not ‘discovered myself’. But now, I have a ‘belief system’ that restricts me from indulging in some certain kind of lifestyle or associating with some certain kind of people.

I have ample of unproduced film scripts to my credits, I’m still not financially boyant but I am very successful because the last time I checked, Teco Benson, a Famous Nollywood Director, estimated the production budget of one of my contents (An action drama ‘genre’) titled “Sound Of Truth” at $280,000. I have the first draft on my profile,  still waiting potential investors.

At Film Afrika, I currently have a documentary under review. At Penguin and Paw Paw Films, I have synopsis’,  I’m developing still waiting their approval.

Yet, since I became a Writer, I never earned a dime. Why? Because my ‘belief system’ choose to take me on en route of experience in order to euip me perfectly for whom I aspires to become.

I’m still broke, yet very successful. I’ve written contents that a  potential investor can be proud to invest in.

Yet, I haven’t marketed any. Why? Is it because my contents are not good enough or doesn’t have the capability potential? No! But because the ‘Source’ I activate my ‘belief system’ with, decides I should serve as an example to people that are in a hurry to make money before ‘discovering themselves’.

I was into renewable energy, after a proposed partnership with IBC Solar, I got disappointed by the people that was supposed to finance my solar company, I was ready to give away the CEO to make the company work because there’s need for it in Nigeria, but the people I trusted misconceived my motives, perhaps they didn’t believe in the potency of my potential enough.

I’m going through ample of experiences that are equipping me for greater heights, the financial benefits are not attached to this experiences, else it wouldn’t be a work of ‘belief system’, so I let it flow.

Most important thing is that, I’m doing what gives me joy. Writing! And the opportunities are coming but the ‘Source’ decides it’s not time for finance.
And if I abandon this experiences to look for finance in another direction contrary to the ‘Theme’ of my ‘Belief System’, then I’ll be building my belief system in a faulty foundation and the ‘Source’, wouldn’t authorise it, then I’ll end up in another channel in life.

So, ‘publish’ and ‘preview’ works hand in hand.
As the ‘Source’ is ‘Previewing’ your ‘Belief System’, the public is seeing it already. You don’t need to announce yourself. You are being announced by a greater ‘Source’.

All you need it Patience and Perseverance, the experiences you thought are hurtful, are the tools in which you’ll use to fulfil the mission your vision is taking you to. Don’t run away from them!

Quote Of The Day: There are blessings attached to every delay caused by a superior ‘Source’.   

I always see viewers and likes, but no comment. The Ability To Comment, Is The Purpose Of Social Interactions!



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