Belief System – Source And Authority

You will agree with me that, there’s source of energy or power supply for any component, be it PC, TV,  or any electronic device, you must connect it to a source of energy before it can power on. And these sources differs from, National grid, Solar energy, battery system, to generator set.

Just like flower planted in a garden, the source of its life and energy is water and when one doesn’t water it, it dies off.

Belief system like a component requires a source to be activated, but unlike any other component it doesn’t just require a source, but also authority from that source to work directly with the source even without permission from you.

Confused? I’ll break it down. When you buy a television or desktop computer, and start connecting the television to dvd and dsvt decoder. For the pc you have to connect the monitor to cpu and run a connection from the cpu to other hardwares like mouse and keyboard.

But after all these connections, the computer and television doesn’t power on, thus, it needs electrical energy (source), to power on and this energy can come in form of battery, solar system or national grid which comes from the government.

But either way when they are supplied with the energy, you have controls over the swith and what to watch and what not to watch in your television. And choose between softwares to use in your pc.

But ‘belief system’, when connected properly and supplied with the right source of energy, requires not your permission to function. Except you break one of the elements which serves as switches to the principles.

Remember it’s your whole self as a being and the rules that governs you and keeps your life rolling in positive direction. All you need is maintenance, keep in constant check of your sacrifice to that source to ensure a constant energy to your belief system.

In electronics as component, you will have to always pay your electricity bills to keep the energy constant, or always charge your batteries and in solar energy you have to ensure that the modules are directed to a peak area where the sun hits often.

Likewise in planting where you also need water to grow your plants, you make sacrifices of ridges to channel the water to the the crops.

You have to make direct or indirect ‘sacrifices’ to any source you are deriving an energy from.

We’ll be discussing about the ‘sacrifice’ in the next write-up.

So once you are able to make those sacrifices the your belief system will have authority to function, and the only those sacrifices can keep it running and when it eats deep into you,  you need not to always recite the principles and elements anymore, because they are now part of you and lives in you. It is who you are!

As person, place or a thing from which something(power, information, goods, money, etc.)comes or is acquired.

Let’s talk about power as an energy to be obtained from a source in order to authorise our belief system. Our ‘Belief System’ needs ‘Authority’ to function, this ‘Authority’ comes from a ‘Source’, the ‘Source’ needs ‘Sacrifices’ in order to activate and keep your ‘Belief System’  running, even without you having to always check up on it, as long as you stick to the rules and keep making the ‘Sacrifice’.

Have you thought why money ritualists kills people for money? The blood is the sacrifice their source of money requires in order to keep running. And their ‘belief
system’ was built in a way that satisfies the source of their wealth and they are making the sacrifices constantly to keep it running.

When your belief system is built in accordance to what the source requires, then it will be activated and function properly, all you need is sacrifice.

Let me use my ‘belief system’ as an example if you don’t mind;

“I love the universe and people that lives in the universe, it’s within my wish to see everyone happy, and I know if I do wrong to people it will upset the Creator of the universe”.

That makes the Creator of the universe a source of energy to a ‘belief system’, that seeks to the happiness and peaceful coexistence of everyone in the universe.

Now it wasn’t difficult activating my ‘belief system’ because the principles and elements were built on positivity and thus to the betterment of the society.

Why some people can’t activate their ‘belief system’ with a positive source, is because the principles and elements were built on lies and deceptions and only an ‘evil source’, can activate such belief system.

And yet they want it to be activated by a positive source. How can a power you don’t believe in work for you?

If you believe in such positive powers, then build a positive belief system.

As power to enforce rules or give orders.

As an element of the ‘source’, is the ability to get it activated without your permission even, as long as the principles and elements corresponds and channels to a positive direction. You can’t lie to any source, because sources are powerful and already sees the latter of your ‘belief system’, if ‘published’.

If you don’t believe in the powers of sources, then  why do you need a source to authorise your ‘belief system’?.

Your ‘belief system’ needs to be authorised in order to function, and these ‘authority’ demands a ‘sacrifice’, and this ‘sacrifice’ needs to be ‘reviewed’, else you’d be promising what you can’t offer.

So after you review your sacrifice by action, or as you are reviewing your sacrifice by actions, your ‘belief system’ is being ‘previewed’ by the ‘source’.

The sacrifice is what pushes it to be published. So once is published that means you are a person of success.

Some of us misapprehends success to be moment of one’s high level of finance in life, which is not so. When your ‘belief system’ is in action, you are already successful because it can take you anywhere you want to go in life,  and become whoever you aspire to be.

Next we’ll be discussing about ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘Review’.

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