Belief System – Sacrifice And Review

There’s price for every greatness. And before one attains certain heights in life, there are prices one must pay. These prices varies from sacrificing who one used to be, in order to become who one aspires to be. And also doing things one doesn’t used to do in order to become a new being.

As a way of giving out a gift or something of value in order to get another valuable thing. As the saying goes, “There’s no religion without sacrifice”. That means we make sacrifices to whatever source we believe in, in order to appease that source and thus making our plans prosperous.

When you say you believe in something, but what you believe in doesn’t work for you. It could be because you are not making the necessary sacrifices, or you don’t regard sacrifice as anything. But bear in mind, “nothing goes for nothing”.

Those that believes in evil source, do engage in human sacrifices by shedding bloods to the source that works for them in order to gain more valuables like power, wealth, fame and business connections.

The sacrifice one makes while  seeking something of value from a particular source, determines how much valuables one can derive from that source.

I always say, “between two evils, always choose the lesser one”. Amongst all the sources of powers and greatness, the only source I know and can prove that the sacrifices required for greatness is less, is the source of the ‘Creator of the universe’.

All ‘He’ requires for perfect authorisation, thus activation of one’s ‘belief system’, is “Conscience”.

How clean is your conscience? Conscience is an open wound, because that’s the only thing that can make a guilty person feel really guilty inside.

Some have built a deceptive ‘belief system’ to launch them into an over ambitious future,  in order to subject the less privileged ones under them. And yet they expect the belief system to be authorised by a genuine source like the source of the Creator.

He created the universe and people that lives in it, do you think he’d grant you such a power to torment people he created?

Sacrifices are the lifestyle you are living as you are waiting for your belief system to be authorised.

If you’ve structured a belief system that you believe can launch you into being a leader or millionaire, yet when you come across a beggar with wallet full of notes you’d turn the other side and pass. The Creator is seeing this, and remember you are at the moment of seeking something great and your sacrifice is under ” Review “.

In building one’s belief system, the only work that belongs to you is two principles and two elements, which are:
‘Copyright’ as principle and ‘Purchase’, as element. They allow you to discover who you aspire to be in life, and go for it.

‘Theme’ as principle and  ‘Construction’, as element. They allow you to develop the characters that will equip your vision and channel it to the direction that you can fulfil your mission.

Once you’ve built your belief system to the ‘Source’ level, all you need is to determine a source that works for your ‘Theme’.

Once the ‘source’ is determined, authorisation only comes when the sacrifices have been reviewed and approved.

Now when you’ve created a ‘Theme’ of becoming a leader or millionaire, then start giving from what you have. Help those around you, and don’t do it because you want your ‘belief system’ to be approved, No! But because it’s part of your ‘belief system’.

The source examines the purpose. And once you’ve called upon a source to take control of your ‘belief system’, that ‘review’ starts automatically. That’s when you’d see the world as if it’s against you, things can start going negative for you, because the source is trying to know the capacity of your ‘belief system.

Some aspires to be detectives in life and built a belief system to that effect, but when their belief systems are under review, and they can’t boast of daily meal, they turn criminals and starts robbing people. And then the belief system fades and can’t be approved, then they end up as armed robbers all their life.

The review of belief system in life, is that period when one wakes from spiritual slumber and start praying or doing some spiritual exercises in order to have progress or prosperity.

As one is making all this spiritual exercises like going to spiritual houses, depends on the source one believes in, that source in return will review your belief system before authorising. By letting you go through some periods of trials and temptations to know how much believe you have in that source.

Have you wondered why we always pass through difficulties in life, the moment we accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior? But after those difficulties, if our belief system stood the test of time, we often have open doors beyond our imaginations? That’s because our belief system is being tested, thus reviewed.

Christians call belief system ‘Faith”. They always say one’s faith is being tried. I used to believe in that till I found the truth and realised that faith is the amount of believe you have in the source that authorises your ‘belief system’.

‘Faith’ as the ability to believe in what is unseen even without signs.  Is your ability in believing that your belief system will be activated by the source you believe in.

Even ritualists have faith that the devil will always give them money and their faith works for them because their belief system is in accordance with what the devil requires.

So you that say you believe in God, is your belief system according to the will of God?

Review :
Unlike the reviews one makes in life in going through pages or something twice to check it’s accuracy.
Is a kind of review that is being done by a source to know one’s level of sacrifices and the capability of one’s belief system.

What do you do when your belief system is under review? That moment you feel like you are stuck in life, after discovering yourself and what you want to do in life and believing so much in a source. But it seems like nothing is working out and things are getting worse.

Your belief system is under review, all you need is patience and continue watering the source by doing the sacrifices the source requires.

If your source is God, the do things that pleases God as you are waiting to be lifted from your place of obscurity.

When our faith is being tried, that means our belief system is getting recognised and we need to prove it’s capability by sacrificing to the source where we want to derive our energy/power from.

*Visiting the orphanage
*Helping the less privileged
*Giving arms to beggars
And other social goodwills are things that motivates a positive source into activating one’s belief system.

Help until you have nothing to help with. Your reward will come for as long as your belief system remains upright.

Sacrifice in belief system is not only helping people and giving arms, but also engaging in a lifestyle that builds the society even it it means depriving you of something you used to benefit through a bad means. Sacrifice it and wait for something greater.

Next – ‘Preview’ as a principle, and ‘Publish’ as the element.


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